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Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District $5,000 Funding for DEIJ training for Gold Ridge, Sonoma, and Marin RCDs, focused on building intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, developing internal organizational capacity support to effectively address DEIJ issues, and how to best represent and address the needs of the community, with regards to DEIJ issues. Capacity 2021 Pacific
Pacific Institute $5,000 Funding for anti-oppression and anti-bias training to develop a shared language around oppression, identify areas of transformation around oppression, identify viable and executable solutions, and adopt solid tools for disrupting oppression. Capacity 2021 Pacific
HairToStay $1,000 General Support for HairToStay, an organization that helps subsidize the expense of scalp cooling for low income cancer patients and answer their questions about the proper use, best hair care protocols, and qualified scalp cooling providers in their area. N/A 2021 Pacific
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation $25,000 SCCF (the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation) uses scientific data to make weekly recommendations to federal, state and local water managers about the timing and delivery of freshwater to the Caloosahatchee Estuary. Accountability, Advocacy, Enforcement, Outreach, Water Quality 2021 Pacific
Tides Center $150,000 Mosaic is a national initiative to amplify the power of the environmental field—the people and organizations that devote some portion of their efforts in pursuit of environmental protection and healthy and just communities—by bolstering the critical infrastructure all movements need to succeed. Capacity 2021 Pacific
Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center $25,000 Rogue Riverkeeper works to protect and restore clean water and native fish through four program areas: 1) Clean Water, 2) Wild Rivers, 3) Community Engagement, and 4) Organizational Development. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Fisheries, Keepers, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2021 Pacific
South Yuba River Citizens League $9,600 Technology Deep Dive - Nimbus Capacity 2021 Pacific
Food System 6 Accelerator, Inc. $15,000 Food System 6 runs a dynamic 16-week accelerator tailored to support a national cohort of frontline innovators that are facing the complexity of building, testing and scaling place-based solutions that usher in a just and regenerative food system. Agriculture, Capacity, Diverse Partnerships, Equity 2021 Pacific
WildAid Inc $10,000 Fund-A-Need Accountability, Advocacy, Capacity, Communications, Fisheries, Political Will 2021 Pacific
Community Music Center $1,000 The Community Music Center in San Francisco makes high quality music accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, regardless of financial means. Classes are offered on a sliding scale and some are completely tuition-free. Youth 2021 Pacific
Orange County Coastkeeper $65,000 Support for general operations of Orange County Coastkeeper. Advocacy, Comprehensive Plans, Keepers, Nutrients, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Earth Island Institute $2,645 California I CAN Cultural Fellowship Program Diverse Partnerships, Outreach 2021 Pacific
Community Music Center $1,050 The Community Music Center in San Francisco makes high quality music accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, regardless of financial means. Classes are offered on a sliding scale and some are completely tuition-free. Youth 2021 Pacific
Tech Impact $750 To cover the costs of our grantees to attend the Cybersecurity Essentials for Nonprofits course. Capacity 2021 Pacific
Tech Impact $1,650 To cover the costs for our grantees to take the Nonprofit Data: Beyond the Basics course Capacity 2021 Pacific
The Water Foundation $100,000 Funding to refine tools and demonstration projects to ensure the full and fair implementation of California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), and also to share stories of the positive impact from sustainable groundwater management and the risks of poor implementation of SGMA; support policies and agency efforts that advance SGMA, and cultivate political champions. Accountability, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Stormwater, Water Quality 2021 Pacific
The Water Foundation $250,000 To ensure that California’s Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund is implemented effectively and equitably, with a focus on the low-income water program and efficient and equitable implementation of safe drinking water projects, and to build a representative and responsive drinking water governance. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Equity, Land Use, Nutrients, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution 2021 Pacific
Community Alliance With Family Farmers Foundation $25,000 This project will strengthen CAFF’s capacity to support Latinx farmers by hiring a new Latinx Farmer Engagement Director. This position will be responsible for working across the organization and with external partners to identify and strengthen CAFF programs, systems and structures to serve the needs of Spanish-speaking farmers so that our services meet their needs and our programs and policies are developed with their leadership and acknowledge cultural differences. Capacity, Communications, Diverse Partnerships, Outreach 2021 Pacific
First Nations Development Institute $10,000 The California Tribal Fund will continue to build public awareness of and support for Indigenous natural resource management practices. These practices set the standard for sustainable ecological stewardship, presenting methods to mitigate degradations of waterways, ecosystems, and agricultural resources, and to reduce risks of megafires. This support will be tied to the Fund’s next three cycle of grantmaking, technical assistance, and outreach efforts. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Equity, Land Use, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2021 Pacific
San Francisco Botanical Garden Society at Strybing Arboretum $25,000 General operating support to help fund the Garden’s core programs which include: lifelong learning, volunteer and community engagement, curatorial and living collections management, interpretive and horticultural library services, and visitor experience. Together, these programs typically engage more than 400,000 annual visitors, 13,000 children, and 1,900 volunteers to deepen people’s understanding and appreciation of plants and their vital role to life on Earth. Communications, Outreach 2021 Pacific
San Francisco Botanical Garden Society at Strybing Arboretum $50,000 Flower Piano is a musical event and exhibition that provides open access to music and pianos within the natural, outdoor environment of San Francisco Botanical Garden. N/A 2021 Pacific
San Francisco Botanical Garden Society at Strybing Arboretum $10,000 Replace an aging and unsafe plant nursery with a modern complex that will support the living collections, and also allow the Garden to accept, protect, and cultivate rare and endangered plants N/A 2021 Pacific
Self-Help Enterprises $10,000 Self-Help Enterprises (SHE) engages disadvantaged communities (DACs) in Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) implementation efforts in several critically overdrafted groundwater basins located in the San Joaquin Valley region. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Enforcement, Equity, Land Use, Nutrients, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Voter Engagement, Water Quality 2021 Pacific
Central Valley Partnership $10,000 General support to focus on catalyzing community ownership models for environmental, conservation and agroecological outcomes in the southern San Joaquin Valley. The CVP will initiate landholding models, such as community land trusts, as policy implementing infrastructures in these strategically important places. Agriculture, Civic Engagement, Land Use 2021 Pacific
Wye River Upper School $10,000 Financial Aid to the Wye River Upper School, which exists to educate students with learning differences regardless of their socioeconomic background or financial status. N/A 2021 Pacific
National Aids Memorial Inc $7,500 This project will support the installation of a new recycled water system for irrigation purposes in the 10-acre National AIDS Memorial Grove in order to conserve San Francisco's supply of safe drinking water for citizens. N/A 2021 Pacific
Heyday $5,000 Professional Development Capacity 2021 Pacific
City Kids to Wilderness Project, Inc. $5,000 City Kids is focused on increasing mastery in outdoor skills, providing activities to bring youth closer to nature through experiential learning opportunities, and offering youth choice in programs with a brand new club model. To pilot this concept, City Kids is part of Vail Resorts Epic for Everyone Program, which will expose youth to snow sports through five on-snow sessions this winter. City Kids plans to expand the club model to additional sports including bouldering and horseback riding. Civic Engagement, Equity, Non-traditional Allies 2021 Pacific
California FarmLink $5,000 To create a pathway for farmers and ranchers that were current or former borrowers of California FarmLink to participate (as appropriate) in decision-making and guidance as to the direction of FarmLink’s lending and land access programs. Agriculture, Capacity, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach 2021 Pacific
Thread $5,000 Thread enrolls students who are academically in the bottom 25% of their 9th grade class and commits to each student for 10 years, matching them with up to four volunteers to form a support team that represents a diverse cross-section of Baltimore. Equity, Youth 2021 Pacific
The Sierra Fund $5,000 Training for the Executive Search Committee to ensure that their search, and then the onboarding, for a new ED is inclusive, equitable and clearly committed to DEIJ principles. Also for staff to participate in Cultural Resource Sensitivity Training led by the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project. Capacity, Equity 2021 Pacific
Ten Strands $5,000 To provide support for staff to attend a training course through the National Equity Project titled "Leading for Equity." Participants in this course will receive training to address the personal and technical challenges they face in their educational equity efforts. Capacity 2021 Pacific
Environmental Advocates NY $2,500 Support for educating the public about the importance of safeguarding drinking water and advocating at the state level for bold policies like more rigorous drinking water testing and cleanup, increasing funding to repair aging water infrastructure, and strengthening protections for streams and wetlands. EANY is committed to supporting frontline communities struggling with water pollution, and works to elevate their voices and needs in Albany. EANY embraces a comprehensive approach in protecting drinking water from source to tap. Civic Engagement, Communications, Outreach, Political Will, Water Quality 2021 Pacific
Center for Independent Documentary, Inc. $2,000 10 Summers Documentary: Inspired by her family camping tradition, Katherine Michiels began taking city kids camping in the Sierras in the 1980s. “They have a lot of fun here and there’s really just water, sticks, rocks, and sand” is how Katherine describes the radical camp philosophy of unstructured play outdoors. The campers are mostly students at Katherine’s school in San Francisco’s Mission District. The annual trips grew until 2001 when, because of environmental issues, liability concerns, and burnout, Katherine announced her final camp. Three campers-turned counselors refused to let the camp die. This is their story and the story of why, for so many of the children who experienced it, this camp became a touchstone, a place of profound meaning and deep personal satisfaction. N/A 2021 Pacific
Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Inc. $50,000 Sinai serves the people of greater Baltimore as well as national and international patients. Its renowned Centers of Excellence provide specialized, advanced care by teams of experts. Additionally, Sinai’s BioIncubator gives emerging biotech and health sciences companies lab space and access to leading physicians. As a nonprofit teaching hospital, Sinai provides training for more than 140 residents and 400 medical students yearly. With 483 beds, Sinai is the largest community hospital in Maryland. N/A 2022 Pacific
Center for Independent Documentary, Inc. $50,000 The Secret Song is an immersive view into the final chapter in Doug Goodkin’s 45-year career teaching music to children in San Francisco. In what could have been a celebratory victory lap, the veteran teacher finds his efforts to instill a sense of belonging interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. When their classrooms are shuttered, Goodkin and his students must surmount new adversities and find a way to keep the music playing and the learning going. N/A 2022 Pacific
FISH of Sanibel-Captiva Inc $10,000 FISH is unique in the Sanibel/Captiva community as the only wrap-around social service organization. Throughout the pandemic, FISH has been ground-zero for response, distributing meals to homebound seniors and food backpacks to children, paying rent, medical, and utility bills for those in crisis, and providing COVID vaccines at pop-up clinics. N/A 2022 Pacific
Stevenson University $10,000 Stevenson University's Environmental Science program gives students the opportunity to learn in a rich natural environment right outside the classroom doors and at the nearby Chesapeake Bay. Youth 2022 Pacific
Ding Darling Wildlife Society Inc. $5,000 The “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society supports the J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge Complex via student education, internships, research projects, informational literature, advocacy, land acquisition and facility enhancements. Advocacy, Enforcement, Land Use, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Hippodrome Foundation Inc $2,500 The Hippodrome Foundation (HFI) serves thousands of students each year with master classes, literacy programs, free performances and more. HFI also provides professional development for teachers who in turn can teach their students new skills. In addition to presenting the Broadway Series at the Hippodrome Theatre, HFI staff are committed to share all of the assets of the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center with members of the community who otherwise would not have the chance to experience the arts. N/A 2022 Pacific
Towson Elks 469 Charity Fund Inc $1,000 Friends of Brent Beever N/A 2022 Pacific
Greater Ruxton Area Foundation Inc. $200 The Greater Ruxton Area Foundation is dedicated to encouraging practices and policies that further enhance, restore and preserve the unique qualities and character of the Ruxton, MD community. N/A 2022 Pacific
Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company $100 Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company is a 100% volunteer organization that has been serving North-Central Baltimore County since 1909. N/A 2022 Pacific
Resources Legacy Fund $800,000 The Sustaining California’s Ocean (SCO) program is designed to advance robust, science-based implementation of the state’s marine protected area (MPA) network and promote effective ocean governance with a focus on ensuring monitoring, community-based stewardship, and sufficient capacity in the public and private sectors. This grant period, the SCO program will focus on preparations for the State of California’s first Decadal Management Review (DMR) of the MPA network. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Political Will 2022 Pacific
Resources Legacy Fund $800,000 The Land-Sea Connection (LSC) program advances the long-term health and resilience of California watersheds. Through LSC, RLF will promote more effective policies and programs, support high-value on-the-ground conservation efforts, and advance investments of public funds in effective and more equitable ways. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Communications, Keepers, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Resources Legacy Fund $150,000 General Support Accountability, Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Communications, Fisheries, Nutrients, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
SocialGood Fund $90,000 Fiscal sponsor for the ABT Framework, led by Randy Olson. Scientists and environmentalists receive coaching on the narrative structure of their presentations, proposals and papers. Often all they need is one simple suggestion like, “Shifting your central narrative from this to this.” Communications 2022 Pacific
The Better Angels Society $75,000 Ken Burns’ The American Buffalo will be the biography of the continent’s most magnificent species, an improbable, shaggy beast that nonetheless has found itself at the center of many of our nation’s most thrilling, mythic, and sometimes heartbreaking tales. N/A 2022 Pacific
Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief $50,000 Nunya Academy uses the arts to empower children and support their intellectual development in cultural studies, math, environmental science, and indigenous knowledge. Access to quality education is a major challenge in Ghana especially for those whose families have limited financial means. Nunya Academy provides infrastructural resources as well as access to high-quality education that is inclusive of all children. N/A 2022 Pacific
UC Santa Cruz Foundation $30,000 The Seymour Center creates experiences through educational programs, exhibits, and community collaboration that inspire environmental conservation action in one’s life. With a new director at the helm, the Seymour Center is developing the next steps for the Center, with an immediate goal to focus on turning science interpretation into meaningful conservation action steps for visitors. Civic Engagement, Communications, Outreach 2022 Pacific