Overview of Recent Federal Funding & Opportunities for the Chesapeake Region

Dear Colleagues,

The Campbell Foundation would like to share “An Overview of Recent Federal Funding & Opportunities for the Chesapeake Region”. At this time, there are large influxes of federal funding, with some portions intended for environmental conservation and justice. This creates a unique opportunity that the Chesapeake region must take advantage of. However, information about these funds such as their availability, timing and eligibility has been vague and difficult to find. We wanted to pull together a document that may help focus this flow of information.

An overview: Current Federal Funding & Opportunities within the Chesapeake Region

As you read through this document, I invite your suggestions on opportunities that may be missing. I also invite you to share updated information as you hear it through your networks. We anticipate this to be a living document, with updates regularly added.

Thank you to Elias Franzen, Watershed Advocacy Fellow, for pulling this information together. For those that have not had the opportunity to meet Eli, I encourage you to reach out and introduce yourself. He can be reached at efranzen@campbellfoundation.org.

In appreciation of our partnerships,

Julie Hester
Program Director, Watershed Advocacy