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Shell Museum and Educational Foundation Inc. $5,000 The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum tells the story of mollusks’ importance to people and the natural world. N/A 2016 Pacific
Women's Audio Mission $5,000 Women's Audio Mission is a San Francisco based, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts.In a field where women are chronically under-represented, WAM seeks to "change the face of sound" by providing hands-on training, experience, career counseling and job placement to women and girls in media technology for music, radio, film, television and the internet. Communications 2016 Pacific
The Exploratorium $5,000 The Exploratorium is a playful learning laboratory of more than 600 interactive exhibits and experiences that ignite curiosity and transform the way people learn. N/A 2016 Pacific
Sylvia Earle Alliance $25,000 The Sylvia Earle Alliances (SEA) purpose is to explore and care for the ocean. They seek to inspire a sea change in public awareness, access and support for marine protected areas. Founder Dr. Sylvia Earl seeks to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas, branded as Hope Spots. Advocacy, Political Will 2016 Pacific
Sailors for the Sea Inc. $10,000 Sailors for the Sea educates and engages the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans Advocacy, Political Will 2016 Pacific
Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center $2,000 The mission of the Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center is to provide recreation, vocational and educational opportunities for people with disabilities through programs and services that encourage self-expression, promote personal achievement, and lead to greater independence. N/A 2016 Pacific
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation $20,000 CHOW brings together Members of Congress, representatives of state and local governments, academics, business experts, scientists, and ocean explorers for an annual ocean policy forum. Accountability, Advocacy, Capacity, Communications, Fisheries, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2016 Pacific
Mt Adams Institute $10,000 Cascade Mountain School (CMS), a project of Mt. Adams Institute, seeks to transform students' lives and prepare them to be environmental leaders by offering them academically rigorous, personally expansive, and dynamic experience with the natural world. N/A 2016 Pacific
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation $200,000 As a leading science education institution, the Aquarium plays a powerful role in supporting schools, providing out-of-school experiences, and engaging youth. To address growing needs, the new Ocean Education and Leadership Center is being planned. The Center will greatly increase the number of teachers and students that they serve, expand their impact and help teachers implement the new Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards effectively. The Center will be a rich educational environment, equipped with interactive technology and tools taking advantage of their proven record of accomplishment and experience in providing the most effective setting for learning in today’s world. Communications 2016 Pacific
International League of Conservation Photographers $10,000 Founded by a group of the world's top natural history and cultural photographers, iLCP's mission is to further cultural and environmental conservation through the use of photography. Communications 2016 Pacific
Felidae Conservation Fund $20,000 To improve the state of global wild cat ecosystems through a fusion of research, education and online technologies to benefit humanity and drive meaningful change in the natural world. Advocacy 2016 Pacific
Earth Echo International, Inc. $35,000 EarthEcho International is a leading environmental nonprofit committed to youth engagement, action, and leadership through education. EarthEcho helps young people everywhere understand the critical role we play in the future of the planet through the one thing that connects us all – water. Accountability, Advocacy, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2016 Pacific
Glynwood Center Inc. $5,000 To ensure the Hudson Valley is a region defined by food, where farming thrives Agriculture 2016 Pacific
Golden Gate Philharmonic $1,000 For the Children's Music Program, in memory of Bevan Fong N/A 2016 Pacific
Los Angeles Waterkeeper $20,000 To protect and restore Santa Monica Bay, San Pedro Bay, and adjacent waters through enforcement, fieldwork, and community action. Accountability, Advocacy, Keepers, Land Use, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2016 Pacific
Sea Save Foundation $15,000 To protect our oceans by raising awareness about the beauty of marine ecosystems and their fundamental importance to human survival. Communications 2016 Pacific
Shell Museum and Educational Foundation Inc. $5,000 The only museum in the United States that is solely devoted to shells and the mollusks that make them. Advocacy 2016 Pacific
SkyTruth $10,367 Challenge Grant to increase board giving. Advocacy, Land Use, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2016 Pacific
Marine Applied Research & Exploration $60,000 To inform ocean management and conservation by documenting and analyzing deep water habitats and ecosystems, especially in California Marine Protected Areas. N/A 2016 Pacific
The Coral Reef Alliance $50,000 To address water quality across the Main Hawaiian Islands with projects that mitigate water pollution. Accountability, Advocacy, Communications, Fisheries, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2016 Pacific
Orange County Coastkeeper $20,000 To protect and improve Santa Ana River Watershed water quality by promoting strong stormwater policies and litigating polluters. Accountability, Advocacy, Keepers, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2016 Pacific
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy $25,000 To oppose and open-pit mine in northern Minnesota, in the Lake Superior watershed. Advocacy, Land Use, Pollution, Water Quality 2016 Pacific
Blue Frontier Campaign $5,000 Provided resources and opportunities to bring citizens who care about the health of our coasts and ocean into the decision-making process. Advocacy, Political Will 2017 Pacific
Shell Museum and Educational Foundation Inc. $5,000 Promotes collection-based research on shells and mollusks with emphasis on southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. N/A 2017 Pacific
University of Southern California $85,000 To support the work of Randy Olson to improve communication of conservation issues and science Communications 2017 Pacific