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  $30,000 Seacology will work to protect 21,782 acres of mangroves, replant 9,600 acres of deforested area, and offer 15,000 people job training and microfinance opportunities in Sri Lanka. Advocacy, Capacity, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Pollution, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
EcoTrust $4,000 The Food Forums, presented by Ecotrust and Whole Foods Market, are designed to bring together leading thinkers to dig deeply into the mechanics of the regional food system, stirring up opportunities for closer relationships and shared initiatives. Agriculture, Communications, Fisheries, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Pollution 2015 Pacific
Friends of the San Juans $25,000 To oppose drastic increases of fossil fuel export at terminals in Washington State and British Columbia. Accountability, Advocacy, Communications, Fisheries, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
Idealware Inc. $5,000 Idealware helps nonprofits understand the tools and practices that can help them meet their missions, and to make smart decisions about technology and software. Capacity, Communications 2015 Pacific
Russian Riverkeeper $20,000 Russian Riverkeeper works to improve water quality and the quantity and quality of riparian habitat in the 1,500 square mile Russian River watershed to conserve listed salmon, maintain other beneficial uses and preserve biodiversity in the watershed Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Fisheries, Keepers, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Pollution, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
UC Santa Cruz Foundation $30,000 The Seymour Marine Discovery Center is a seaside learning center in Santa Cruz, California, that brings the adventures and explorations of ocean science to life. More than 45,000 free-choice learners interact with highly trained volunteers in the exhibit hall each year––they leave empowered to take action in their lives that helps protect our coast and ocean. Communications, Fisheries, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
Baykeeper $80,000 The only "on-the-water" monitoring and watchdog advocacy organization, working to improve the water quality and ecosystems of the San Francisco Bay-Delta watershed Accountability, Advocacy, Baywide, Communications, Keepers, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
Blue Frontier Campaign $15,000 Benchley Awards N/A 2015 Pacific
Mt Adams Institute $10,000 Cascade Mountain School (CMS), a project of Mt. Adams Institute, seeks to transform students' lives and prepare them to be environmental leaders by offering them academically rigorous, personally expansive, and dynamic experience with the natural world. N/A 2015 Pacific
Non-Profit Technology Enterprise Network $5,000 NTEN acts as a convener and educational resource focused on the rapidly changing landscape of technology use for social impact. Capacity 2015 Pacific
NPower Inc. $5,000 NPower is dedicated to providing free technology services, skilled volunteer opportunities and innovative job training programs. Capacity 2015 Pacific
Reef Check Foundation $80,000 Reef Check's California program educates, trains, and engages ocean users, especially recreational divers, to collect valid scientific data on nearshore ecosystems, providing vital information to improve marine management decisions. The program also serves to build a constituency supportive of science-based management of coastal resources. Accountability, Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
SkyTruth $30,000 Increase citizen engagement and build political pressure for stronger oversight of shale-gas drilling throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed by utilizing satellite and aerial imagery and digital map data. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity, Communications, Fisheries, Land Use, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
Techsoup Global $5,000 TechSoup delivers donated technology products, educational / training content, and other resources to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations worldwide Capacity, Communications 2015 Pacific
United States Healthful Food Council Inc. $5,000 To promote local food hubs to REAL Certified foodservice establishments in the greater Washington DC and San Francisco areas. Advocacy, Agriculture, Communications, Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies, Pollution 2015 Pacific
Women's Audio Mission $5,000 Women's Audio Mission is dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts. In a field where women are chronically under-represented (less than 5%), WAM seeks to "change the face of sound" by providing hands-on training, experience, career counseling and job placement to women and girls in media technology for music, radio, film, television and the internet. Communications 2015 Pacific
Environmental Defense Fund Incorporated $100,000 A mitigation tool called habitat exchange that provides net benefits for working land owners, developers, public lands and land trusts. A habitat exchange is a means of offsetting impacts to listed species at a development site by ensuring ecosystem services are provided for these species at another site. These offsetting benefits must be aligned with comprehensive landscape conservation plans. Agriculture, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2015 Pacific
Environmental Defense Fund Incorporated $175,000 To transform fisheries management, especially blue crab and striped bass, in the Chesapeake Bay with the goal of achieving long-term ecological and economic sustainability. Accountability, Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2015 Pacific
National Geographic Society $340,000 Pristine Seas, the National Geographic Society’s flagship ocean conservation project, is led by Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala and aims to protect the last wild places in the ocean. Advocacy, Communications, Fisheries, Political Will, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation $30,000 In an effort to understand changes in the use of different habitats by fishermen as a result of MPA implementation, models of fishing vessel distribution will be created based on the actual locations of boats and the underlying environmental conditions at those locations. This project will inform decision makers, enforcement officials, resource managers and other stakeholders regarding types, distribution and activities of vessels in Southern California coastal waters. Accountability, Fisheries, Political Will 2015 Pacific
As You Sow $20,000 Through company dialogues, shareholder resolutions, reports, investor and media outreach, they move the companies and their industries toward environmentally and socially responsible decisions and practices. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Communications, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Pollution, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
Ocean River Institute Inc $20,000 Provide flight support for ocean, coastal and watershed protection efforts on the California Coast. Communications, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2015 Pacific
Save the Bay $25,000 For reduction of trash in San Francisco Bay, especially from plastic bags and polystyrene. Accountability, Advocacy, Baywide, Communications, Non-traditional Allies, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2015 Pacific
Ocean Foundation $10,000 To understand the acoustical impacts of deepwater offshore exploration and operations of the fossil fuel industry. Accountability, Pollution 2015 Pacific
Trust for Conservation Innovation $10,000 To develop market-based alternatives to ocean goods produced via destructive methods. Examples include developing sustainable methods for producing seaweed, shrimp and aquarium fish for consumer markets. Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2015 Pacific