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Turtle Island Restoration Network $30,000 TIRN uses grassroots education and action, hands-on conservation and active use of the media to protect the environment and endangered species. TIRN advocates for strengthening sustainable fishing along the US West Coast and Hawaii, working in particular to reduce or eliminate drift gillnet and longline fishing to reduce turtle bycatch and by advocating for changes in fishing gear and fisheries management policies. Advocacy, Fisheries 2012 Pacific
WildAid Inc $40,000 Using Chinese and international athletes as spokespeople, the Active Conservation Awareness program includes a mass-media public awareness campaign aimed at changing attitudes to wildlife consumption in China, and to stem demand for illegal or unsustainable wildlife products, with a special emphasis on the horrendous practice of shark-finning. N/A 2012 Pacific
Resources Legacy Fund Foundation $500,000 Sustaining Californias Ocean is a five-year effort to ensure effective implementation of Californias MPA network, improve ocean governance, and secure public funding for ocean conservation N/A 2012 Pacific
California Ocean Science Trust $200,000 The MPA Monitoring Enterprise leads the development and implementation of impartial, cost-effective and relevant MPA monitoring of the emerging statewide MPA network N/A 2012 Pacific
Marine Conservation Institute $50,000 To help shape and advocate for a suite of federal management and enforcement measures that would adequately protect marine national monuments in the Pacific against vessel-based threats Political Will, Pollution 2012 Pacific
The Nature Conservancy $75,000 Protection of Kauais native forests from the devastating damage caused by feral pigs and goats N/A 2012 Pacific
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper $12,000 SBCK educates and lobbies decision-makers to strengthen and enforce existing laws or enact new ones to better protect waterways, and educates and engages the public in devising and implementing solutions to local water pollution problems Accountability, Advocacy, Keepers, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Trout Unlimited $40,000 Expansion and implementation of streamflow stewardship pilot projects in watersheds along Californias coast Advocacy, Agriculture, Fisheries, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Gulf Restoration Network $25,000 For implementation of plans for Gulf-wide ecosystem restoration and coastal community resilience Accountability, Advocacy, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
WildAid Inc $10,000 The Global Marine Protected Areas Enforcement Conference helps to disseminate best practices and strengthen MPA law enforcement for marine reserves, no-take zones and protected areas around the world N/A 2012 Pacific
American Conservation Film Festival Inc. $35,000 General support for the Festival in Shepherdstown, WV to promote outstanding films that educate and inspire people to become engaged in conservation. Films address the intersection of people and the environment to stimulate new thinking and dialogue about conservation and the natural world. Communications 2012 Pacific
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital $10,000 The Festival is the world's largest showcase for environmental films, where 160-180 films will be screened for over 30,000 attendees. Each year the Festival presents innovative films that engage a diverse audience with a sense of the drama, significance, and beauty of the environment and its central role in our lives, health, and future. Communications 2012 Pacific
Heyday $10,000 A publishing house that focuses on deepening people's appreciation and understanding of California's natural resources. Communications 2012 Pacific
Kentucky Coalition, Inc. $25,000 General Operating Support Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center $25,000 KS Wild's Rogue Riverkeeper works to protect and restore several rivers and waterways in Oregon from a variety of threats, including suction dredge mining, LNG terminal development, pollution and agriculture Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Keepers, Land Use, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Make a Difference Media $10,000 The BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event's (BLUE) is a weeklong multi-disciplined event. BLUEs mission is to utilize the power of film and visual media to raise awareness, increase ocean literacy and help protect the ocean and the life within. Communications 2012 Pacific
Marine Applied Research & Exploration $50,000 MARE will design, build and deploy a next generation marine observation system - a Benthic Assessment Tow Fish (BATFish) - with the goal of significantly decreasing the cost of collecting visual marine surveys in the 20-100meter zone, and thereby increasing both knowledge of deeper water coastal resources and the possibility of effective coastal marine resource management. N/A 2012 Pacific
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation $50,000 To inspire conservation of the oceans by providing a superlative visitor experience and encouraging action on behalf of ocean conservation Communications 2012 Pacific
Ocean Conservancy Inc $100,000 To advance the ecosystem protection goals of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) and Marine Life Management Act (MLMA). Communications, Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Ocean Foundation $1,000 To understand the acoustical impacts of deepwater offshore exploration and operations of the fossil fuel industry. Pollution 2012 Pacific
Ocean Foundation $15,000 LiVBLUE seeks to reach beyond the current ocean conservation community to involve new networks of people in the efforts of the ocean conservation movement using new tools and techniques Communications 2012 Pacific
Ocean Foundation $100,000 The Ocean Leadership Fund supports the diverse needs of the marine conservation community and key stakeholders to protect and restore healthy ocean resources around the world. Accountability, Capacity, Communications, Fisheries, Political Will, Pollution 2012 Pacific
Ocean Foundation $10,000 To understand the acoustical impacts of deepwater offshore exploration and operations of the fossil fuel industry. Pollution 2012 Pacific
Ocean River Institute Inc $15,000 Through air tours along the California Coast, Ocean Air provides impactful in-flight experiences that encourage greater conservation action. N/A 2012 Pacific
Oceana, Inc. $50,000 To establish and enact a California policy providing for ecosystem based management of forage species. Fisheries 2012 Pacific