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Green Planet Films $10,000 The San Francisco Green Film Festival will present forward-thinking programs and discussions focused on positive solutions to today's environmental problems. The festival will include premieres of over 50 works from around the globe, as well as Q&A sessions, panel discussions, educational presentations, and special events. Communications 2012 Pacific
Carpe Diem West $40,000 Carpe Diem West addresses the impacts of climate change on water in the American West by recruiting forward-thinking leaders from different sectors to serve on working groups and teams that generate ideas for improving the laws, policies, and practices that govern how the West's scarce water is managed and allocated N/A 2012 Pacific
Blue Ridge Press - Craftworks at Cool Spring (Fiscal Sponsor) $5,000 In The New Climate of Hope series, respected Christian writers have been commissioned to write environmental topics from an evangelical perspective. Communications 2012 Pacific
Appalachian Mountain Advocates Inc. $25,000 Advocate for an end to mountaintop removal coal, work to lessen its overwhelming impacts on communities and the environment, and force the coal industry to internalize their environmental costs. Advocacy, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
As You Sow $20,000 In the Chesapeake Bay, press companies to disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, eliminate chemicals that have the potential to poison water supplies, and find a way to "frack" safely or to discontinue the practice. Accountability, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Baykeeper $60,000 The only "on the water" monitoring and watchdog advocacy organization working on improving the water quality and ecosystems of the San Francisco Bay-Delta watershed. Advocacy, Keepers, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Earth Echo International, Inc. $35,000 EarthEcho International's Water Planet Challenge is a national call-to-action that engages middle and high school youth to bring about global change by taking action in their communities. The Challenge will help youth to restore and protect our water planet by providing the tools and resources they need to create their own service-learning projects. Communications, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
EarthJustice $20,000 Earthjustice works to secure national regulations covering coal ash disposal in surface impoundments, landfills, and mines; safeguard drinking water, aquatic habitats, wetlands, and air quality; and we pursue litigation and advocacy aimed at forcing the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the nation's largest public utility, to clean up its vast coal ash dumps and high hazard dams and ultimately solve its pollution problems by shuttering its exceptionally old fleet of coal-fired power plants. Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Ecological Rights Foundation $25,000 To safeguard coastal resources of the Humboldt Bay through education, scientific research, and enforcement of laws to fight pollution Advocacy, Keepers, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Environmental Defense Fund $100,000 Works to ensure that all coral reef animals imported into the U.S. are collected and transported in a demonstrably sustainable and humane way, thereby reducing the ecological footprint of trade in coral ornamental species by at least 50% by 2015. Advocacy, Fisheries, Political Will 2012 Pacific
Green Fire Productions $50,000 A documentary to build public and policy support for ecosystem-based management of ocean and coastal resources, outlining the ways it is already being implemented at local, state, and coast-wide levels. Communications 2012 Pacific
Heal the Bay $20,000 For advocacy efforts to strengthen water-quality standards, regulations and policy throughout California. Advocacy, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Kentucky Coalition, Inc. $25,000 The Canary Project works to win full and fair enforcement of coal mining laws, especially mountaintop removal. The New Energy and Transition Project is an emerging initiative that works toward economic transition and sustainable energy in Kentucky. Advocacy, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation $150,000 The Center for the Future of the Oceans aims to inspire action for conservation of the oceans. Through the Center, they aim to empower individuals, influence policy and contribute to the protection of the oceans. Fisheries, Marine Protected Areas (MPA, MLPA) 2012 Pacific
NatureServe $25,000 Promote the appropriate use of scientifically robust tools and methods to build capacity of coastal decision makers to implement their ecosystem-based conservation and community goals. N/A 2012 Pacific
Rural California Broadcasting Corp KRCB-TV Channel 22 $25,000 The Emmy-award winning Natural Heroes TV Series features independent films that share inspiring, extraordinary stories of everyday people making a positive difference for our world by working hands-on in their local environment. N/A 2012 Pacific
Russian Riverkeeper $20,000 Legally challenge a gravel mining permit in order to protect water quality and endangered wild salmon and steelhead in the Russian River Watershed. N/A 2012 Pacific
Santa Monica Baykeeper $25,000 The Advocacy Program focuses on healthy marine habitats, sustainable fisheries, improving water quality, and clean beaches in Los Angeles waterways. Advocacy, Fisheries, Keepers, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Seaweb $15,000 The Marine Photobank is the leading resource of images focused on promoting a healthy ocean. Contributors include professional and amateur photographers, researchers, educators, activists, government staff and the general public. N/A 2012 Pacific
Sierra Club Foundation $25,000 The Beyond Coal Campaign focuses on protecting water quality, air quality, and human health from the ill effects of coal mining and coal-fired power plants, and slowing the effects of climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from coal plants. Advocacy, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Sustainable Conservation $50,000 Scaling up the Partners in Restoration (PIR) Program to a statewide level. PIR simplifies the otherwise complex and costly permitting process landowners face when implementing voluntary restoration projects in and around waterways. Agriculture, Land Use, Pollution 2012 Pacific
Pew Charitable Trusts $40,000 The Our Ocean coalition advances ecosystem-based management of Oregon_s marine environment, beginning with a foundation of scientifically defensible marine reserves and marine protected areas Fisheries, Marine Protected Areas (MPA, MLPA) 2012 Pacific
Tides Center $50,000 COMPASS is dedicated to helping ocean scientists connect themselves and their science to the wider world. By giving scientists the communication tools they need, and by bridging the worlds of science, journalism and policy, COMPASS works to ensure that ocean science is better understood and used by society. Communications 2012 Pacific
Tuolumne River Preservation Trust $80,000 The Bay Area Water Stewardship Program seeks to revive the Tuolumne by promoting water conservation and then ensuring the water we save flows down the river to the ocean to benefit fish, wildlife, water quality and recreation. Advocacy, Water Quality 2012 Pacific
Turtle Island Restoration Network $30,000 TIRN uses grassroots education and action, hands-on conservation and active use of the media to protect the environment and endangered species. TIRN advocates for strengthening sustainable fishing along the US West Coast and Hawaii, working in particular to reduce or eliminate drift gillnet and longline fishing to reduce turtle bycatch and by advocating for changes in fishing gear and fisheries management policies. Advocacy, Fisheries 2012 Pacific