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Women's Audio Mission $25,000 Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women/gender-expansive people in music production and the recording arts, fields in which they are critically underrepresented (fewer than 5%). WAM currently provides training, mentoring, work experience and job placement to 4,000+ women/girls/gender-diverse individuals in the only professional studios in the world built and run entirely by women and gender-diverse individuals. Communications 2022 Pacific
Multiplier $25,000 Catch Together works to ensure sustainable fishermen champions have the funding they need to advance their marine conservation agendas now and into the future. They work to endow the progressive fishing organizations that provide vital voices for marine conservation to the industry and its management system for the long term by helping them invest in permits and quota that they can, in turn, lease to their conservation-minded fishermen. In doing so, these fishermen remain on the water and the leasing income ensures they and their organizations can secure long-term seats at the decision-making table to advocate for sustainable fisheries. Fisheries 2022 Pacific
California Association of Resource Conservation Districts $25,000 CARCD intends to build on the findings of the technical consultant, as well as on their own experience and enhanced understanding of remaining technology gaps and inefficiencies that are truly pain-points, to begin implementing systems and technologies that will improve their ability to accomplish their mission and facilitate CARCD's growth. This will involve staff training time, program-specific research, improvement of existing systems, and transition to new platforms. Capacity 2022 Pacific
Friends of the San Juans $25,000 Friends of the San Juans (Friends) is an innovative and effective force and catalyst for positive change, with expertise in shoreline and nearshore habitats, vessel traffic risks and oil spill prevention, land use, environmental law and policy, and climate change. Friends's primary goals are to promote thriving and sustainable communities, foster natural shorelines, and ensure a healthy marine ecosystem. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Fisheries, Land Use, Outreach, Political Will 2022 Pacific
Heyday $15,000 Heyday is an independent, nonprofit publisher and cultural institution whose mission is to deepen understanding of California culture, history, arts, and environment. Communications 2022 Pacific
Shell Museum and Educational Foundation Inc. $10,000 The Shell Museum is a natural history museum that increases knowledge of, and appreciation for, mollusks and their shells using their collections, programs, and expertise to inspire learning, support scientific research, and tell the story of mollusks’ importance to people and the natural world. N/A 2022 Pacific
South Yuba River Citizens League $10,000 By collaborating with BIPOC filmmakers, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival seeks to present the best environmental & adventure films to inspire audiences globally to take action in their own communities. Communications 2022 Pacific
826 Valencia $10,000 826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages six to eighteen with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Their services are structured around the understanding that great leaps in learning can happen with individualized attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success. (Reading is Knowledge. Writing is Power.) 816 Valencia's work seeks to address the chronic achievement gap - especially in language arts/writing - for young people of color and those from under-resourced communities in San Francisco. Communications, Equity 2022 Pacific
The Coral Reef Alliance $10,000 The goal of CORAL’s Clean Water for Reefs initiative is to improve water quality for Hawai‘i's coral reefs. This work is urgently needed because the future of coral reefs depends on whether reef-building corals can adapt to survive the ocean’s changing environment. The key to coral adaptation lies in ensuring a network of diverse coral reef ecosystems is protected from local threats. As the project evolves, CORAL is exploring collaborations to replicate and scale this important work. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Fisheries, Land Use, Nutrients, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Sylvia Earle Alliance $10,000 Mission Blue is an initiative of the Sylvia Earle Alliance (S.E.A.) to ignite public support for the protection of Hope Spots — special places that are vital to the health of the ocean, the blue heart of our planet. SEA draws inspiration from the vision of their founder, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and is uniting a global coalition of partners to inspire an upwelling of public awareness, access, and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Communications, Fisheries, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Center for Land-Based Learning $10,000 The FARMS Leadership Program seeks to increase exposure to career pathway opportunities available to students in the fields of agriculture, environmental science, and conservation by providing them with opportunities to safely return to in-person field days and receive hands-on experiences essential to entering the workforce. All of these experiences over the course of the school year culminate in the opportunity to apply for summer paid internships and job shadows with industry partners. Advocacy, Agriculture, Communications, Equity, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Outreach 2022 Pacific
Star Of The Sea Foundation Inc $10,000 Star of the Sea works to recover local food from organizations and restaurants and offers free nutrition education resources to low-income households, in order to help reduce hunger and nutrition deficits in their Florida Keys community. N/A 2022 Pacific
Tech Impact $10,000 Tech Impact's mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve the world. Tech Impact provides capacity building technology consulting, support, services, and education that other nonprofits need to improve their stability, effectiveness, and impact on the communities they serve; and provide un-and underemployed individuals with access to technical and professional soft skill, certifications, and job placement assistance leading to sustainable employment with a career pathway for life. Capacity 2022 Pacific
Ten Strands $7,500 The mission of Ten Strands is to build and strengthen the partnerships and strategies that will bring environmental literacy to all of California’s K–12 public school students. Ten Strands operates under three strategic pillars that support equity, inclusion, and cultural relevance: Advocate for the expansion of environmental literacy in public schools Build the capacity of the formal education system to integrate environmental literacy Foster a broad and inclusive network of support for environmental literacy Civic Engagement, Communications, Outreach 2022 Pacific
Non-Profit Technology Enterprise Network $5,000 NTEN continues to offer educational programming and content, from professional certificates and in-depth trainings, to original research and reports, an online community, and an annual conference. This year NTEN will expand their Nonprofit Tech Readiness (NTR) program to offer five cohorts in several interest areas. NTR is a capacity-building program that supports participants with technology projects at their organizations. Capacity 2022 Pacific
Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County $5,000 Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County will address the community need of economic security by assisting Sonoma County Fire survivors and COVID-19 impacted households by providing financial assistance, resource connection and case management. As a result of the pandemic, the "Rebuilding our Community" (ROC) Center was closed in July 2020. The Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County continues to be the fiscal sponsor for the Communities Active in Disaster (COAD) and a member of the Long-Term Recovery Group. Capacity 2022 Pacific
Conservation Lands Foundation $5,000 The Conservation Lands Foundation (CLF) creates and mobilizes a grassroots movement - the Friends Grassroots Network, comprising 80+ locally-based groups across the West and Alaska – coming together to protect, steward, and expand our public lands. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Land Use, Outreach, Political Will 2022 Pacific
North Coast Opportunities Inc $5,000 NCO will hire a Disaster Manager to develop internal procedures and coordination structures to prepare the organization for future disaster events and to facilitate a coordinated response when disasters occur. Capacity 2022 Pacific
Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust $5,000 The Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust increases community access to healthy, local, sustainably-caught seafood while preserving an integral part of the economy, heritage, and biodiversity of Monterey Bay. They partner with the fishing industry, municipal leaders, and conservation organizations to achieve a balance between a healthy ocean ecosystem and a healthy seafood economy. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Enforcement, Equity, Fisheries, Marine Protected Areas, Political Will 2022 Pacific
KQED Inc. $3,000 KQED’s mission is to provide Bay Area residents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, convene community dialogue, bring the arts to everyone, and engage audiences to share their stories. Civic Engagement, Communications 2022 Pacific
Coastside State Parks Association $1,000 For the restoration of Pigeon Point Light Station N/A 2022 Pacific
Technology Association of Grantmakers Inc $1,000 TAG is an active community of professionals responsible for aligning technology with the philanthropic objectives of our organizations. They strive to provide the highest quality resources and learning opportunities for members in an open environment built on trust and a shared belief in the greater common good. Capacity 2022 Pacific
BKS Iyengar Yoga Association Of Northern California $1,000 To study, teach, disseminate and promote the art, science and philosophy of Yoga according to the teaching of B.K.S. Iyengar. N/A 2022 Pacific
International Documentary Association $500 The D-Word is a peer-to-peer global community that helps documentary professionals feel a sense of belonging.They provides spaces for professional development, information sharing and relationship building, working towards greater sustainability and improved mental health for documentary professionals. N/A 2022 Pacific
Earth Island Institute $35,000 As a fiscal sponsor to California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN), general support for CalCAN. Advocacy, Agriculture, Land Use, Nutrients, Political Will 2022 Pacific
National Young Farmers Coalition $20,000 Support for general operations of California program of National Young Farmers Coalition. Agriculture, Civic Engagement, Equity, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach 2022 Pacific
Sustainable Economies Law Center $20,000 As a fiscal sponsor of Minnow, support for the operations. Agriculture, Capacity, Diverse Partnerships, Equity, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach 2022 Pacific
Empowerment Works, Inc. $15,000 As fiscal sponsor for San Diego Green Infrastructure Consortium, support for community capacity building in the Otay watershed. Capacity, Land Use, Stormwater 2022 Pacific
YMCA of the Chesapeake, Inc. $7,500 YMCA of the Chesapeake serves individuals from Cecil County, Maryland to Chincoteague Island, Virginia through a variety of programs that improve health, provide sports and recreation opportunities, support academics and education, as well as childcare. Civic Engagement 2022 Pacific
Earth Echo International, Inc. $35,000 EarthEcho International is dedicated to building a coalition of youth leaders to protect and restore the ocean planet, with a focus on ocean health, water quality, and biodiversity. EarthEcho leverages adventure, storytelling, and STEM education to empower and inspire young people worldwide to act now for a sustainable future with a focus on ocean health, water quality, and biodiversity. EarthEcho reaches more than 2 million people in 146 countries, providing original content, immersive experiences, and trusted resources free of charge for youth and the educators and community leaders who work with them. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Outreach, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment $10,000 The Community Alliance for Agroecology is an alliance of six organizations who work alongside the most impacted communities of the San Joaquin Valley to address the environmental injustices perpetuated by the food and farming system and to create solutions that foster ecological balance, public health, and economic equality in the region. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Glynwood Center Inc. $5,000 Glynwood operates a 225-acre farm, where regenerative and locally appropriate agricultural practices rebuild the soil fertility and health of the pastures, producing healthful food to nourish the Hudson Valley community. The farm provides a venue to train apprentice farmers, allowing for the development and testing of innovative agricultural practices. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Land Use, Outreach, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
South Yuba River Citizens League $4,800 Technology Deep Dive - Nimbus Capacity 2022 Pacific
The Watershed Project $25,000 Support for stormwater management in North Richmond. Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Equity, Outreach, Stormwater 2022 Pacific
Point Blue Conservation Science $75,000 Support for engaging new groups and more diverse community partners in climate-smart restoration in the Sierra Nevada region and Santa Clara County. Capacity, Comprehensive Plans, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
The Water Foundation $100,000 Support for multi-benefit stormwater projects in Los Angeles County. Accountability, Advocacy, Capacity, Communications, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Esselen Tribe of Monterey County $20,000 Support for watershed conservation program of Esselen Tribe. Capacity, Equity, Land Use, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Feather River Land Trust $70,000 Support for watershed planning and wildfire recovery planning. Agriculture, Capacity, Communications, Comprehensive Plans, Diverse Partnerships, Land Use, Outreach, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
California Coastkeeper $75,000 Support for coordinating, supporting, and enhancing the work of local California Waterkeepers to protect and enhance coastal and marine ecosystems, as well as water supply and quality. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity, Keepers, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Bay Area Council Foundation $50,000 Support for local climate resilience planning projects in California. Capacity, Communications, Comprehensive Plans, Equity, Land Use, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
San Mateo Resource Conservation District $40,000 Support farmland conservation planning in Pescadero Creek watershed. Advocacy, Agriculture, Communications, Land Use, Nutrients, Outreach, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Wiyot Tribe $40,000 Support for Wiyot Tribe engagement coastal and watershed management. Equity, Land Use, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Wishtoyo Foundation $20,000 Support for Wishtoyo Pilot Watershed Intern Program. Advocacy, Capacity, Equity, Outreach, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Physicians for Social Responsibility, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter $15,000 As a fiscal sponsor for Richmond Shoreline Alliance, support for community capacity building along Richmond shoreline. Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Equity, Outreach, Pollution, Stormwater 2022 Pacific
Play Marin $15,000 As fiscal sponsor for Marin City Climate Resilience and Health Justice, support for community capacity building in Marin City related to watershed issues. Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Equity, Outreach, Pollution, Stormwater 2022 Pacific
Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians $80,000 Support for InterTribal watershed and climate resiliency planning project. Capacity, Comprehensive Plans, Equity, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Circle of Life $30,000 As a fiscal sponsor for Foodshed Small Farm Distro and Resource Hub, support for capacity to further the Building a Resilient Watershed Initiative and other related funding and programmatic efforts. Agriculture, Capacity, Equity, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Proyecto Pastoral $15,000 Support for stormwater advocacy, education, and planning in Los Angeles. Advocacy, Capacity, Equity, Outreach, Stormwater 2022 Pacific
Nevada County Cannabis Alliance $25,000 Support for outreach efforts to encourage cannabis growers to secure legalization. Agriculture, Communications, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District $30,000 Support for cannabis-related services and programs to support growers and reduce cultivation impacts on local watersheds. Agriculture, Capacity, Land Use, Outreach, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
San Francisco School $200,000 Endowment N/A 2022 Pacific
Tides Center $5,000 The Voices for Progress Ed Fund requests funding to hire an experienced facilitator and expert in organizational dynamics in support their Intersectionality Initiative. The mission of this Initiative is for Voices for Progress members to be active allies who amplify the concerns and solutions put forward by impacted communities and who use their influential positions to amplify the voices of historically marginalized communities. Capacity, Equity 2022 Pacific
Ding Darling Wildlife Society Inc. $4,054 Organizational DEIJ Capacity Capacity 2022 Pacific
California Association of Resource Conservation Districts $3,000 Funding for a Tech Assessment and the creation of a Technology Plan. An Assessment and Plan will spur a deeper organizational shift towards thinking about technology in a more comprehensive way to help CARCD to more effectively achieve their mission. Capacity 2022 Pacific
Chesapeake Conservancy Inc $1,000,000 The Joel Dunn Leadership Endowment Fund Capacity 2022 Pacific
YMCA of Central Maryland Inc $7,500 The Y in Central Maryland is bringing their mission to the forefront by expanding the meaning of Y membership and program participation to emphasize their critical role in creating connected, inclusive, and healthy communities, and garnering significant philanthropic support for the Y’s work. The impact of the pandemic and recent social unrest deepened their commitment to expanding healthy living and social responsibility activities while supporting the most vulnerable in the community. N/A 2022 Pacific
Maryland Food Bank $100 The Food Bank feeds people, strengthens communities and ends hunger for more Marylanders. N/A 2022 Pacific
Environmental Defense Fund Incorporated $1,500,000 Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is helping to build resilience into the U.S. agricultural system so that it supports farmers, protects the environment, and helps rural communities prosper – despite a changing climate. Agriculture, Land Use 2022 Pacific
Environmental Defense Fund Incorporated $1,500,000 Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) leads a diverse coalition of partners to develop solutions that will rebalance water supplies in the West and meet the needs of people and nature. Land Use, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Huckleberry Youth Programs Inc. $7,000 Huckleberry Youth Programs educate, inspire, and support under served youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. Huckleberry strengthens families and empowers young people with services that promote safety in times of crisis, physical and emotional health and well-being, social justice in communities facing inequity, and educational success. Equity, Youth 2022 Pacific
SJV Water $1,000 SJV Water is an independent, nonprofit news site dedicated to covering water in the San Joaquin Valley. N/A 2022 Pacific
Natural Resources All Families Foundation Inc $1,000 Natural Resources is San Francisco’s oldest pregnancy, birth, and early parenting resource center. N/A 2022 Pacific
National Geographic Society $350,000 National Geographic Pristine Seas seeks to explore, document and protect marine habitats of extraordinary value. Over the last ten years, they have worked with governments and communities around the world to support proposals for conservation through expeditions, science, media, education, and strategic communications. Advocacy, Communications, Fisheries, Political Will, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
San Francisco School $75,000 General Support N/A 2022 Pacific
Center for Independent Documentary, Inc. $50,000 The Secret Song is an immersive view into the final chapter in Doug Goodkin’s 45-year career teaching music to children in San Francisco. In what could have been a celebratory victory lap, the veteran teacher finds his efforts to instill a sense of belonging interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. When their classrooms are shuttered, Goodkin and his students must surmount new adversities and find a way to keep the music playing and the learning going. N/A 2022 Pacific
Resources Legacy Fund $800,000 The Land-Sea Connection (LSC) program advances the long-term health and resilience of California watersheds. Through LSC, RLF will promote more effective policies and programs, support high-value on-the-ground conservation efforts, and advance investments of public funds in effective and more equitable ways. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Communications, Keepers, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Art with a Heart $5,000 Art with a Heart's mission is to enhance the lives of people in need through visual art. The organization views creative development and artistic expression as vital components of the human experience and works to address the equity gap in visual arts education and access by offering a variety of services to the Baltimore community. Communications 2022 Pacific
Smith River Alliance, Inc. $5,000 To support the professional development of Smith River Alliance staff through three courses offered by the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education program: Water Quality Regulation and Permitting Cultural Resources Management Community Involvement and Communication in Planning Capacity 2022 Pacific
Multiplier $1,000 Maven's Notebook is a comprehensive, independent source for California water news and information. Communications 2022 Pacific
Ecdysis Foundation $50,000 Ecdysis aims to validate the economic, ecological, and nutritional benefits of regenerative almond orchards, and provide roadmaps for transitioning almond farmers to regenerative production systems. Agriculture, Land Use 2022 Pacific
Community Water Center $50,000 Community Water Center's (CWC) creates community-driven water solutions through organizing, education and advocacy in California. CWC works directly with rural, low-income, primarily immigrant communities to address the root causes of the lack of access to safe and affordable drinking water. Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Communications, Diverse Partnerships, Equity, Land Use, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
San Francisco Village $10,000 San Francisco Village is a membership organization that connects people over 60 with the community, resources and expertise they need to navigate the transitions of aging in a changing world. Their mission is to operationalize love for elders in an ageist society by mobilizing the power of intergenerational relationships and mutual support. Equity 2022 Pacific
Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Inc $500,000 To improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay Accountability, Advocacy, Agriculture, Baywide, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Communications, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
UC Santa Barbara Foundation $100,000 Mantell Student Fellowship and Symposium in Environmental Justice and Conservation Innovation N/A 2022 Pacific
Earth Island Institute $10,000 The California Institute for Community, Art, & Nature (California I CAN) strives to create a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient society through a deep understanding and love of the cultural and natural heritage of California. California I CAN has a solid foundation in thoughtful friendships and working relationships with writers, artists, activists, California Indians, and people at the core of political and economic power, as well as those from California’s most marginalized communities. Civic Engagement, Communications, Diverse Partnerships, Non-traditional Allies, Outreach, Political Will 2022 Pacific
Max and Marion Caldwell Foundation $3,500 The Max and Marion Caldwell Foundation camperships are a cooperative effort between the Foundation, Camps Kennolyn and Gold Arrow, and the camper’s family so that campers who might not have the resources to attend can apply for financial support to do so. N/A 2022 Pacific
Community Music Center $1,000 The Community Music Center in San Francisco makes high quality music accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, regardless of financial means. Classes are offered on a sliding scale and some are completely tuition-free. Youth 2022 Pacific
National Aquarium in Baltimore, Inc. $500,000 Waterfront Campus Civic Engagement, Communications, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Resources Legacy Fund $300,000 California’s 30x30 Initiative aims to protect 30 percent of the state’s lands and coastal waters by 2030 across a broad range of landscapes and seascapes. With this grant, RLF will provide capacity and project support to Tribal entities to enable them to engage in 30x30 implementation. Accountability, Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Diverse Partnerships, Equity, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2022 Pacific
County of Humboldt $45,000 As a fiscal sponsor for North Coast Resource Partnership, support for development of riparian corridor regional conservation work plan. Comprehensive Plans, Land Use, Pollution, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
North Carolina Coastal Federation Inc. $50,000 NCCF works to address fundamental causes of water quality degradation and habitat loss threatening the North Carolina coast, such as protecting and restoring oysters, shorelines, and a coastal economy that depends on a healthy and productive environment. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Land Use, Non-traditional Allies, Nutrients, Outreach, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Sonoma RCD $30,000 Technology Deep Dive - Implementation Capacity 2022 Pacific
Sierra Harvest $10,000 Sierra Harvest’s goal is to develop a robust local food system in which children have equal accessibility to local fresh foods both at school and at home; farmers have the land and skills they need to be successful and earn a living wage; and all community members have access to fresh, local, organic food through local rescued food (gleaning) and backyard and institutional edible gardens. To help mitigate the dual challenges of food waste and food insecurity, Gold Country Gleaning is a program that lets farmers, homeowners, and farmers markets, distribute their harvestable fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. Agriculture, Communications 2022 Pacific
Tandem Partners in Early Learning $5,000 Tandem partners with school districts, early childhood education agencies, and community-based organizations to offer programming that meets community priorities. Our culturally responsive, multilingual programming includes: (a) our school-to-home StoryCycles literacy program; (b) supporting families to build home libraries; (c) professional development for educators and family support professionals; and (d) family engagement through literacy events, play groups, and family workshops. Civic Engagement, Communications 2022 Pacific
Carbon Cycle Institute $5,000 CCI is a leader in building the tools, training programs, and conservation partnerships required to scale agricultural climate solutions and achieve California’s carbon neutrality goals. Organizational efforts are focused on establishing Regional Carbon Farming Hubs, guidance and training on agricultural climate action planning, and securing public funding to expand agricultural climate action and resiliency planning, and technical and financial assistance programs for climate-smart agriculture. Agriculture, Communications, Land Use 2022 Pacific
Regenerative Organic Alliance $5,000 Regenerative Organic Certified was established in 2018 by a group of farmers, business leaders, and experts in soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness collectively called the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA). ROA exists to promote regenerative organic farming as the highest standard for agriculture in the world. They do this with the Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC™) standard, shifting agricultural from a system that degenerates earth to one that regenerates it. Agriculture, Communications, Land Use 2022 Pacific
OurSpace World, Inc. $5,000 OurSpace World is a small, Black-led nonprofit in Southern Maryland with a mission of cooperatively educating, organizing, and supporting squads of land stewards and Earth healers. Through the Diddly Squat Farming Program, OurSpace World seeks to increase the number of Black farmers by supporting farmer cooperatives in this region. The Diddly Squat Farming Program will create an immersive instructional training program for up to 10 farmers in the DMV area. Each farmer will learn about USDA resources, engage in hands-on training, and participate in regenerative agriculture workshops. Agriculture, Communications, Land Use 2022 Pacific
The Severn River Association, Inc. $2,000 The Severn River Association offers vessel-dependent educational programs. including water quality monitoring, Floating Classroom, and oyster restoration. The monitoring program makes weekly visits to 51 sites in the river. The Floating Classroom program engages students in on-the-water trips to learn about water quality and restoration projects in the river. The oyster restoration program brings scuba divers to oyster reefs to assess reef health and evaluate new areas of the river for oyster restoration. Outreach, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Groundwork San Diego – Chollas Creek $30,000 Support for stormwater management program for Chollas Creek in San Diego. Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Equity, Land Use, Outreach, Stormwater 2022 Pacific
San Francisco School $50,000 The Vivian Walz Fund for Visual Arts N/A 2022 Pacific
YouthRoots $300 General support for YouthRoots, a leadership program that empowers high school students to tackle community issues through philanthropy. Through this program, students respond to emerging needs and build the skills to become change makers now and tomorrow. Civic Engagement, Communications, Outreach, Political Will 2022 Pacific
  $25,000 Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Outreach, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
1 Vote Counts Inc. $15,000 General Support for 1 Vote Counts, which will educate and empower communities with low voter registration in Dauphin County, PA – including youth, BIPOC and citizens returning from incarceration - and mobilize them to take an active role in deciding on the issues that affect their communities. This is accomplished through voter registration events, neighborhood canvassing, and providing a Civics 101/Voter Rights curriculum in the county’s reentry programs and local corrections facilities. Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Political Will 2022 Pacific
Girls Inc. of the Central Coast $10,000 Girls Inc. programs provide girls with opportunities to explore and envision a future that includes a college education and economic self-sufficiency, while helping them overcome substantial cultural and economic barriers to their success. Programs focus on leadership development, goal setting, healthy living, educational and career planning, and self-empowerment. The Strong, Smart and Bold Summer Camp in Salinas offers 80-100 girls, ages 8-11, the opportunity to develop skills in and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), through stimulating hands-on activities. In addition, the 2-week camp includes career exploration, fitness, nutrition, media literacy, art, and personal development activities that promote self-confidence, camaraderie and fun. Youth Leaders, graduates of their high school leadership program, facilitate. Communications 2022 Pacific
American Chestnut Land Trust $5,000 The American Chestnut Land Trust (ACLT) conserves 3,500 acres of land in Calvert County, Maryland, and promotes land conservation and preservation throughout Southern Maryland. ACLT preserves the natural and cultural resources of the Parkers Creek and Governors Run watersheds for the benefit of this and future generations. ACLT provides environmentally sustainable public access to managed properties for educational, scientific, recreational, and cultural purposes. Communications, Land Use, Outreach 2022 Pacific
Ríos to Rivers $5,000 Ríos to Rivers empowers indigenous and underserved youth living in affected or threatened watersheds to become stewards of their home waters by providing opportunities to intimately know, navigate, and advocate for their watersheds. Equity, Youth 2022 Pacific
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation $5,000 Based in Anchorage, Koahnic Broadcast Corporation is the primary producer of Native programming for the entire public radio system. Their programs bring award-winning Native journalism, public affairs, and cultural programs to listeners nationwide. The Alaska Native Health Equity Project works to empower Native individuals, families, and communities with engaging and culturally-informed reporting and storytelling that can lead to healthier futures. The centerpiece of this project is a documentary short film to focus on the challenges of achieving health equity in rural Alaska Native communities dealing with the impacts of climate change. Communications, Diverse Partnerships, Outreach 2022 Pacific
Pie Ranch $5,000 Pie Ranch’s programs aim to increase the supply of and demand for locally-grown, sustainably-produced food and farmland; provide pathways to farm and ranch ownership for underrepresented and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers; advocate and organize for regional policies that will preserve agricultural land for organic production and ensure next-generation farms can succeed; and build a healthier and more equitable food system that will preserve the ecosystems we rely on. Advocacy, Agriculture, Land Use 2022 Pacific
California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation $5,000 The California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation is a partnership between rice farmers and conservation groups working to secure the long-term preservation of habitat for waterbirds and wildlife in California’s Sacramento Valley. They operate two key programs: a) Bid4Birds Habitat program, a habitat enhancement program to create more shorebird habitat, and b) the Ricelands Salmon project, a pilot project to study and develop new methods to raise juvenile salmon in winter-flooded rice fields. Agriculture, Land Use, Water Quality 2022 Pacific
Bike Pittsburgh, Inc. $5,000 Bike Pittsburgh works to make biking and walking commonplace in order to improve the quality life of Pittsburghers and reduce the harmful effects of car dependence in the community. Its core strategies fall within its three main program areas: Advocacy, Community, and Education. In 2022, as the region emerges from the pandemic under new mayoral leadership, it is critical that BikePGH continues to grow its programs while embedding its mission within the new administration’s priorities. Advocacy, Communications 2022 Pacific