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Blue Water Baltimore, Inc. $92,000 Support the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper and Blue Water Baltimore's larger public policy/ advocacy efforts, using science, policy and law to address threats from sewage, stormwater, trash and toxics. Accountability, Advocacy, Keepers, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Green Fin Studios $175,328 Support the “Delmarva Land and Litter Challenge” (DLLC), providing administrative and communications support to the group as they determine the State of the Industry and continue working towards environmentally responsible farming solutions. Agriculture, Communications, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Stormwater Network, Inc. $24,000 Enhance on-the-ground implementation of stormwater practices by translating the best available science and engineering to practioners and providing an analysis of the changing regulatory landscape to stormwater managers at the local government level. Stormwater, WIP 2018 Chesapeake
PennFuture $180,000 Support the development of strong WIP III plans while collaborating and holding state and municipal officials accountable for clean-up plans; serve as the PA state lead for the Choose Clean Water Coalition; conduct a grassroots strategy to connect residents with their elected officials on issues of clean water. Accountability, Advocacy, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality, WIP 2018 Chesapeake
Clean Water Fund $22,588 Conduct community outreach efforts, targeting Northern Virginia, leveraging get out the vote activities as part of ongoing grassroots organizing. Civic Engagement, Outreach 2018 Chesapeake
Pennsylvania Voice $20,000 Increase civic engagement and voter registrations, through improved access and modernization of the election process. Civic Engagement, Outreach 2018 Chesapeake
Potomac Conservancy, Inc $60,000 Empower communities and individuals to advocate for clean water, building power and strategic communications. Watchdog local zoning, permits and funding. $20,000 is allocated to the acquisition of White Horse Mountain. Advocacy, Comprehensive Plans, Outreach, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Wildlife Leadership Academy $10,000 Engage and empower high school age youth to become Conservation Ambassadors to ensure a wildlife, fisheries and natural resource legacy for future generations. Outreach, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Environmental Grantmakers Association $8,000 Support of EGA's Annual Fall Retreat, assist members in learning about current issues, collaborating on projects, and sharing information to help funders improve their effectiveness as grantmakers. N/A 2018 Chesapeake
Wetlands Watch, Inc. $40,000 Provide materials and advocacy trainings to empower people to effectively participate in local government land use decisions. Advocacy, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use 2018 Chesapeake
Trout Unlimited $60,000 Provide technical assistance in Pennsylvania, enabling more on-the-ground restoration projects of coldwater streams. Fisheries, Land Use, Outreach 2018 Chesapeake
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc. $65,000 Support the presence of a field representative in Pennsylvania, working to build a sportsmen/women coalition and identify policy and funding priorities. Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2018 Chesapeake
ShoreRivers, Inc $40,000 Provide technical capacity to support a fundraising & membership management database, and a networked phone system. Both of these are needs post-merger of three organizations. Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $30,000 Provide outreach and civic engagement in Loudoun County, working to improve their comprehensive plan; Engage conservation landowners to pursue updated easements with riparian buffers; and advocate for increased funding for conservation BMPs and easement holdings. Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use, Political Will, WIP 2018 Chesapeake
National Parks Conservation Association $50,000 Showcase agricultural BMPs on park lands and advocate for increased funding and programs in Pennsylvania to achieve clean water goals. Advocacy, Agriculture, Civic Engagement, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, WIP 2018 Chesapeake
Friends of the Rappahannock, Inc. $25,000 Support local WIP implementation, advocate for land use issues specific to the Rappahannock basin, and build capacity through membership and major donor programs. Advocacy, Capacity, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $110,000 Address continued delays and violations at large wastewater treatment plans and sewer systems in aging municipalities. Advocacy, Nutrients, Pollution, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
The Nature Conservancy $100,000 Work with agribusiness representatives and other agricultural groups to identify and increase adoption of 4R Nutrient Management, in the Delmarva Peninsula and in Pennsylvania. Agriculture, Nutrients 2018 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Conservancy Inc $100,000 Accelerate restoration in the Susquehanna by applying precision conservation and providing technical support to develop data-driven goals. Land Use, Nutrients, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Anacostia Watershed Society, Inc $45,000 Advocate for the remediation of toxics in the Anacostia River, the implementation of stormwater pollutant controls, and the promotion of community involvement through the Watershed Stewards Academy. Accountability, Advocacy, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Preservation Maryland $115,000 Support the "Smart Growth Maryland" program (originally 1000 Friends of Maryland), promoting cleaner water and sustainable growth. At the county level, this will be focused on comprehensive plans. Advocacy, Comprehensive Plans, Land Use 2018 Chesapeake
Waterkeepers Chesapeake $85,000 Support the coalition of 18 independent Waterkeeper programs in the Chesapeake, amplifying their voices, mobilizing collaboration around campaigns, and championing clean water efforts. Accountability, Advocacy, Baywide, Keepers 2018 Chesapeake
Virginia Civic Engagement Table $10,000 Host trainings through their Citizen Training Academy and an annual Advocacy Training, including how to run accountability campaigns. Accountability, Advocacy, Political Will 2018 Chesapeake
West Virginia Rivers Coalition $5,000 Assist in the hiring of a full-time Chesapeake Field Coordinator position, and building power through new membership building strategies. Capacity, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Anacostia Riverkeeper, Inc. $20,000 The Anacostia Riverkeeper uses advocacy, enforcement, outreach, and education to protect and restore the Anacostia River. Accountability, Advocacy, Keepers, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Rivers Association $20,000 Support the Severn Riverkeeper, working to protect and restore the Severn River through stormwater protection systems. Keepers, Stormwater, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Common Cause Education Fund $20,000 Employ a combination of grassroots organizing, coalition building, research, policy development, public education, and litigation to push for government reforms in Maryland, at the state and local levels. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Political Will 2018 Chesapeake
Earth Force Inc $10,000 Provide middle school students on the Delmarva Peninsula an opportunity to conduct field tests on water quality, meet with natural resource and community management professions, and develop a plan to take civic action to solve a real world problem. Civic Engagement, Outreach 2018 Chesapeake
Lancaster Conservancy $90,000 Create a new business model on how the Conservancy can best serve the clean water needs of the Lancaster community, while continuing their engagement with City and County residents on adopting stormwater practices. Capacity, Outreach, Stormwater 2018 Chesapeake
Ridge to Reefs $35,000 Determine the appropriateness of a bioreactor to treat nitrate discharges at small - medium sized Wastewater Treatment Plants, potentially offering a more cost efficient upgrade option. Nutrients, Pollution 2018 Chesapeake
ShoreRivers, Inc $170,000 Support the four Riverkeeper programs: Chester, Choptank, Miles-Wye, and Sassafras. They regularly patrol their rivers and tributaries, combat illegal pollution, and serve as guardians for the resource. Accountability, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Keepers, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
South Riverkeeper $58,500 Support the South Riverkeeper program, and the communications plan around the merger of the South River Federation and West/ Rhode Riverkeeper organization. Accountability, Advocacy, Capacity, Civic Engagement, Communications, Keepers, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Commons Inc $6,240 Support for infrastructure distribution for core set of mission focused platforms, Water Reporter and FieldDoc. Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund $6,500 Upgrade of current hardware to help with implementation of new technology best practices. Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Center for Watershed Protection $5,732 Support implementation of CWP's technology work plan by upgrading hardware. Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Legal Alliance Inc $7,518 Support for solid technology infrastructure foundation with new hardware and software. Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $5,000 Tech Capacity support for CRM migration. Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $3,500 Coalition for Smarter Growth Tech Capacity support for CRM migration. Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
South River Federation Inc $8,770 Technology capacity support for CRM integration Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Potomac Conservancy, Inc $6,740 Technology capacity building support with upgrade of hardware Capacity 2018 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council $25,000 Continue conducting a comprehensive certification program for landscape professionals who design, install, and maintain green infrastructure practices. Stormwater 2018 Chesapeake
Education Plus Inc. - Education Plus Health $10,000 Support the Mid-Atlantic Youth Anglers & Outdoors Partners, and their work connecting anglers and sportsman's groups in Lancaster County with stormwater runoff projects. Fisheries, Outreach, Stormwater 2018 Chesapeake
The Funders Network $18,000 Support the coordination of the national Urban Water Funders and the Chesapeake Bay Funders' Network's Stormwater Workgroup. Stormwater 2018 Chesapeake
Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, Inc $60,000 Ignite the power of the faith communities to protect and restore shared watersheds by working through hubs of congregational action, and cultivating and highlighting individual faith-based leaders. Non-traditional Allies, Stormwater, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Lancaster Farmland Trust $118,000 Connect municipalities with farmers to accelerate water quality improvements through the implementation of practices on agricultural lands within that jurisdiction, highlighting the cost-effectiveness. Agriculture, Water Quality, WIP 2018 Chesapeake
Nanticoke Watershed Alliance Inc $30,000 With their new strategic plan in-hand, NWA will focus on improving their effectiveness through community collaboration and resource development. Capacity, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $15,000 Protect streams and land against high development pressures in Northern Virginia, working to improve stormwater management and increasing civic engagement in support of environmental goals. Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Land Use, Political Will, Stormwater, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Trash Free Maryland $20,000 Create long-term solutions to trash pollution through policy and behavior change. Engage and activate communities to identify sources and implement solutions. Expand unique partnerships to broaden the network of advocates. Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Non-traditional Allies 2018 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $9,430 The Alliance will partner with a Lancaster based marketing firm to conduct audience surveys and help in developing marketing and outreach tools, including recipe cards for conservation landscaping. Agriculture, Communications 2018 Chesapeake
Dickinson College $24,980 Develop and implement a Susquehanna Stream Team & Creek Watch to engage community members in assessing the health of their local waters. Accountability, Civic Engagement, Nutrients, Outreach, Pollution 2018 Chesapeake