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Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, Inc. $39,000 The Choptank Riverkeeper works with stakeholders to push forward Watershed Implementation Plans, building support for policy initiatives and adoption of pollution-reducing technologies. Advocacy, Agriculture, Keepers 2015 Chesapeake
Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, Inc. $39,000 The Miles/ Wye Riverkeeper serves as an advocate for the Miles and Wye Rivers and the Eastern Bay of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Advocacy, Keepers 2015 Chesapeake
Oyster Recovery Partnership $5,000 Support the Oyster Recovery Partnership's work on the Little Choptank River, the second of five rivers identified by state and federal officials to be restored with native oyster reefs. Fisheries 2015 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $35,000 The Shenandoah Riverkeeper takes action to reduce known pollution sources and to enforce and improve laws to reduce pollution in the Shenandoah River. Advocacy, Agriculture, Keepers 2015 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $36,000 The Potomac Riverkeeper takes action to reduce known pollution sources and works to enforce and improve laws to reduce pollution in the Potomac River. Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients 2015 Chesapeake
Sassafras River Association $30,000 The Riverkeeper works to support the health of the Sassafras River and improved clean water policies through the use of advocacy, science and public outreach. Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients 2015 Chesapeake
South River Federation Inc $36,000 Support the South Riverkeeper and effects to protect the watershed through advocacy, enforcement of existing laws and diversifying membership and community engagement. Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $83,000 Reduce pollution from agriculture by managing and providing coordination, leadership, strategic and administrative support for the Maryland Clean Agriculture Coalition. The coalition’s mission is to improve Maryland waterways and protect public health by reducing pollution, and increasing transparency and accountability, from agriculture. Accountability, Agriculture, Nutrients, Water Quality, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
Alice Ferguson Foundation, Inc $15,000 Support a Maryland network of organizations and businesses focused on reducing trash pollution by encouraging policies and programs that address the most prevalent sources and causes of trash pollution in local waters. Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies 2015 Chesapeake
Anacostia Watershed Society, Inc $20,000 Educate and engage community residents in the D.C. metro area to reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff through a semester long training program and implementation of stormwater mitigation projects. Advocacy, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Assateague Coastal Trust Inc $32,000 Support the Assateague Coastkeeper program in protecting the health and productivity of the Delmarva Coastal Bays through advocacy, education and conservation. Advocacy, Agriculture, Keepers, Nutrients 2015 Chesapeake
Aqua Terra Science LLC $20,000 Monitor, review, analyze and report on key activities and decisions made by Bay Program workgroups, committees and expert panels related to agriculture. Accountability, Agriculture, Nutrients 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council $25,000 Develop a Chesapeake certification program for landscape professionals who design, install, and maintain green infrastructure practices to validate their experience and proficiency. Stormwater, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $30,000 Provide capacity to undergo the necessary due diligence to scope out a merger between Conservation PA and Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture). Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
The Funders Network $10,000 Coordinate a National Stormwater Funders’ Group, a learning and collaborative network of more than 100 funders. Advocacy, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund $100,000 The Chesapeake Bay Civic Engagement Plan is an eight-year strategy aimed at long-term engagement of the Rising American Electorate. Efforts will focus on Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania with the fundamental goal of engaging more individuals in the democratic process, before, during and after key elections. Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $74,000 Develop a communications campaign that will result in a broad range of key audiences excited and engaged around local clean water investments, regardless of political leanings. Advocacy, Communications 2015 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $20,000 Push for mixed-use redevelopment in Fairfax County, VA, halt highway projects that would further degrade streams in Montgomery County, MD, and in both, increase grassroots engagement among populations traditionally less-engaged. Advocacy 2015 Chesapeake
Schrauth Consulting, LLC $8,000 Coordinate the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network’s Stormwater Work Group, supporting learning and coordination among members interested in stormwater and green infrastructure. Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Training Grounds Inc. $5,000 Support efforts to expand the green workforce and green business development in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Advocacy, Stormwater, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
Virginia Institute of Marine Science Foundation $10,000 Monitor seagrass (SAV) beds annually baywide, and restore eelgrass to the seaside coastal bays of Virginia, now being linked to the attempts to restore the commercially important bay scallop. Advocacy, Fisheries 2015 Chesapeake
James River Association $20,000 The Lower James Riverkeeper is a full-time advocate for the Lower James watershed, maintaining a constant presence, monitoring its conditions, identifying problems, and advocating for policy and on-the-ground pollution solutions. Advocacy, Fisheries, Keepers, Water Quality 2016 Chesapeake
River Network $3,000 Provide scholarships to Chesapeake Bay watershed leaders to attend River Rally 2016 in Mobile, Alabama.  The event will bring together several hundred river leaders, staff and board members for learning and networking opportunities.  Water Quality 2016 Chesapeake
Association Of Baltimore Area Grantmakers Inc $25,000 The Maryland Environmental Health Network is composed of health professionals and environmental advocates, working with policy-makers and institutions to achieve environmental protections that create healthy and safe communities.  Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies 2016 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Climate Action Network $30,000 Advocate for a public investment of $2 million in coastal wetland restoration, creation, and enhancement within Maryland. By making the climate argument for wetlands restoration, widen the stakeholder network and leverage funding from nontraditional sources.  Work with existing and new government, business, and nonprofit partners to implement the funding in a targeted, strategic way Advocacy 2016 Chesapeake
Clean Water Fund $60,000 Advocate for environmental issues that are important to communities by building a grassroots base and engaging community leaders.  CWF will also continue to push for strong implementation of stormwater programs in Maryland.   Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies, Stormwater 2016 Chesapeake
Girl Scouts of Northern California $5,000 Green By Nature engages girls in active environmental education and stewardship. This education program teaches girls about environmental issues in their communities and provides opportunities to participate in stewardship activities in local settings through community service projects and family engagement activities. Non-traditional Allies, Pollution, Water Quality 2016 Chesapeake
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Inc $60,000 Advocate for local Watershed Implementation Plan progress on Maryland’s Eastern Shore through advocacy, collaboration, education, and implementation of rural and urban Best Management Projects.  Advocacy, Land Use, WIP 2016 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $75,000 Help environmental organizations become more collaborative, strategic and sophisticated in their public outreach around a long-term, unified effort to reduce farm pollution. Agriculture, Communications 2016 Chesapeake
West Rhode Riverkeeper $45,000 The Riverkeeper works with the local community to engage and educate on environmental matters, to enforce environmental law, to promote restoration, and to advocate for better environmental policy.   Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients 2016 Chesapeake
YWCA Annapolis and Anne Arundel County $3,000 Honor a woman working in the environmental field in Anne Arundel County, through the YWCA’s Tribute to Women and Industry award program.  The 2016 nominee will be Jacqueline Guild, Executive Director of the Chesapeake Legal Alliance. N/A 2016 Chesapeake
Coastal Conservation Association - MD $40,000 Organize anglers around best available science and sound policy to ensure stable and abundant fish populations in the Chesapeake Bay waters.  Advocacy, Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies 2016 Chesapeake
Gunpowder Riverkeeper, Inc. $40,000 Serve as an advocate for the Gunpowder River watershed and its communities, championing enforcement and compliance of environmental laws within the watershed to protect and conserve the River for all users.   Advocacy, Fisheries, Keepers 2016 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $135,000 The Mid-Atlantic Regional Office supports the Choose Clean Water Coalition; engages with the hundreds of thousands of NWF members who live in the watershed; helps align and focus affiliate networks on Bay issues; and restores connections to nature by kids and families resulting in a stronger conservation ethic. Water Quality 2016 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $40,000 Conduct a multi-year campaign to address the excessive growths of algae which seriously impair streams feeding the Shenandoah.   Advocacy, Nutrients 2016 Chesapeake
Sustainable Chesapeake $70,000 Reduce nutrient pollution from agriculture by advancing the adoption of: 1) alternatives to local land application of excess manure; and 2) management practices and technologies that limit over-fertilization of crops. Agriculture 2016 Chesapeake
Anacostia Waterfront Trust $50,000 Accelerate the pace of water quality improvements through innovative stormwater programs. Central to this effort is the RainPay program, which will leverage market forces to drive investment in green infrastructure to the areas of the watershed that will have the most impact.  Stormwater 2016 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $40,000 Encourage businesses to go beyond compliance and take measurable actions to support protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. Raise public understanding of the valuable role these business members play in environmental restoration Advocacy 2016 Chesapeake
Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States, Inc. $45,000 Reduce stormwater pollution entering Maryland’s waterways by advocating for enforceable Phase I and II MS4 permits and their strong implementation.   Advocacy, Stormwater, Water Quality 2016 Chesapeake
Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center $10,000 Build support for policies to reduce Chesapeake Bay pollution from agricultural operations and defend against rollbacks to good and reasonable policies that help curb that pollution Agriculture, Nutrients, Water Quality 2016 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $225,000 Harness the collective power of the Chesapeake region’s advocacy community to support protections of local waters and communities by building strong relationships with partners, mobilizing members and creating effective messages Advocacy, WIP 2016 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $20,000 Support the Upper Potomac Riverkeeper and his work in addressing the pollution threats in that region Advocacy, Agriculture 2016 Chesapeake
Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association $50,000 Serve as the voice of the Lower Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  The Riverkeeper pushes for compliance of environmental laws, advocates for improved policies based on science, leads stewardship projects, and educates on issues pertaining to the health of the waterways Advocacy, Nutrients 2016 Chesapeake
Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund $95,000 Generate progress on top conservation issues in Virginia through education and outreach to elected officials and by building effective, strategic relationships. Turn out conservation voters to the polls and elevate conservation as a top electoral issue Advocacy, Political Will 2016 Chesapeake
Wild Oceans, Inc. $10,000 Establish ecological reference points for inclusion in the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s coast-wide menhaden management plan. These reference points are intended to be applied to the most recent stock assessment and implemented as early as the 2018 fishing season Fisheries 2016 Chesapeake
Alliance for Justice $10,000 Provide information, training and resources to build the capacity of the nonprofit community to engage in advocacy, hold government accountable, and help ensure the voices of the underrepresented are heard in public policy debates. Advocacy 2016 Chesapeake
Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States, Inc. $70,000 Continue development and roll out of the “Communities for Clean Streams” campaign, engaging and empowering local residents to take action for clean water. Stormwater 2016 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Climate Action Network $10,000 Advocate for a public investment of $2 million in coastal wetland restoration, creation, and enhancement within Maryland.  Once secured, bring government, business, and nonprofit partners together to implement the funding in a targeted, strategic way. Advocacy 2016 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $130,000 Accelerate water quality improvements in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and help identify and reduce nutrient and sediment discharges from the most significant sources of this pollution Agriculture 2016 Chesapeake
Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts $25,000 Provide recognition to farmers who are in full compliance with Maryland nutrient management regulations and other soil conservation and water quality requirements.  Assist farmers in addressing nutrient and erosion concerns still existing on their land in order to qualify for certification Advocacy, Agriculture 2016 Chesapeake