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Chesapeake Legal Alliance Inc $20,000 Provide pro bono legal services to those working to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed who could not otherwise afford the legal services that they need to accomplish their goals. Advocacy, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Media Services Inc $5,000 Produce a 60 minute film, Beautiful Swimmers Revisited, to mark the 40th anniversary of William Wallace's Pulitzer Prize winning book, "Beautiful Swimmers." The film will revisit Wallace's book about Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and update what has happened to the Chesapeake Bay's blue crab population over the past four decades through interviews with scientists, watermen and fishery managers. Communications 2015 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $55,000 Advocate for revisions to the Pennsylvania nutrient credit trading system and improved enforcement against farming operations that are impacting local water quality. Influence decision makers, both state and federal, to implement and enforce strategies related to agriculture that will result in local water quality improvement. Agriculture 2015 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $25,000 The Choose Clean Water Coalition works to connect the collective power of the region’s advocacy community for increased protections for water in the Chesapeake Bay region. This is achieved through state-specific, targeted campaigns. This grant specifically supports the Maryland State Lead for the Coalition. Advocacy, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $30,000 Advocate for federal, state and local policies that protect the Piedmont region’s resources, including water quality and quantity. Promote stewardship of the land through voluntary conservation easements and other innovative approaches. WIP 2015 Chesapeake
River Network $35,000 Provide capacity building expertise and resources on organizational development to watershed groups in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, with a focus of extending into Central Pennsylvania. Capacity 2015 Chesapeake
Sierra Club Foundation $8,000 Provide support for participation on the Maryland Clean Agriculture Coalition (MCAC). Take a leadership role as one of the three co-chairs tasked with guiding MCAC towards achieving its mission to reduce pollution and increase transparency and accountability from agriculture and other associated sources of water degradation. Agriculture 2015 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $20,000 Help the Maryland environmental community better understand the opportunities and challenges of emerging poultry manure to energy technologies. Agriculture, Communications 2015 Chesapeake
The Nature Conservancy $50,000 Ensure that the Bay and its watershed produce clean water and abundant fisheries through a focus on conservation in critical places. On-the-ground projects, strategic policy advocacy, and innovative use of private funds are targeted toward increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Chesapeake conservation efforts. Advocacy 2015 Chesapeake
Virginia Organizing, Inc $10,000 Expand community organizing to address societal problems at the local level while building organizational and community leadership. Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $2,500 Support the Taste of the Chesapeake, the Alliance's annual fundraising event. The Alliance is a leading environmental nonprofit uniquely focused on fostering local action and on restoring rivers and streams throughout the Chesapeake watershed to improve water quality and the overall health of the Bay. Advocacy, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
Blue Water Baltimore, Inc. $70,000 Support a comprehensive public policy and advocacy program, with particular focus on stormwater. Advocacy, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Stormwater Network, Inc. $20,000 Promote more widespread adoption of effective stormwater practices through technical support, training, improved permits, and recognition of good programs. Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
PennFuture $90,000 Build public and political support for the PA Chesapeake Bay clean-up effort and to enforce clean water laws that apply to agriculture and stormwater. Work will focus on reviews of agricultural compliance and ordinances including nutrient management codes. Advocacy, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
Clean Water Fund $25,000 Educate Northern Virginia decision makers and citizens on local water issues of concern and conduct Get Out The Vote nonpartisan activities in this area. Advocacy, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $40,000 Manage, process, and provide information that leads to better enforcement of water quality laws in Maryland. Create policy communication products (maps and salient data visualization), and work with project partners to provide environmentally focused application development and low cost mapping services. Agriculture 2015 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $20,000 Work with local citizens’ groups in the Shenandoah Valley to improve county land use, transportation plans, and zoning ordinances, building support for programs and policies that protect clean water, air quality, farms, forests, battlefields and other natural and historic resources. Advocacy, Land Use 2015 Chesapeake
Potomac Conservancy, Inc $40,000 Build a movement of clean water champions to advocate for river-friendly policies at the local level. Advocacy, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
Ridge to Reefs $30,000 Conduct targeted outreach with farmers to install woodchip bioreactors on as many farms in the Chesapeake Watershed as possible through unique partnerships with local land conservation organizations and farmers. Conduct monitoring and sharing of data with EPA and MDA. Advocacy, Agriculture 2015 Chesapeake
Southern Environmental Law Center $20,000 Protect the Chesapeake Bay from fracking on lands perilously close to the Bay and from coal ash storage in unlined ponds adjacent to Virginia rivers in the Bay watershed. Advocacy, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
State Voices $20,000 Support Get Out The Vote efforts in Pennsylvania, focusing on engaging the Rising American Electorate in the democratic process. The RAE is 36% of the state’s electorate and historically has been underrepresented in the political process. Advocacy, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Bay Commission $5,000 Scope out the feasibility of a state partnership preproposal for stream fencing through the Farm Bill’s Resource Conservation Partnership Program. Assist the states in identifying a lead entity and in coordinating the proposal submission as needed. Agriculture, Nutrients, Water Quality 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Media Services Inc $90,000 Provide general support for in-depth environmental reporting and commentary that reaches approximately 4 million people each month through a suite of products and services that includes the Chesapeake Bay Journal, Chesapeake Bay Journeys, Bay Journal News Service, and the Midday on the Bay radio program on WYPR. Communications 2015 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $80,000 Run a nonpartisan civic engagement program to engage the Rising American Electorate voters. Conservation PA will conduct testing to further refine how to effectively increase voter turnout. Advocacy, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
Environment America Research & Policy Center Inc $35,000 Raise the visibility of the threats facing the Bay, coordinate with other clean water allies to protect progress made, and build support for state and federal policies to reduce pollution flowing into the Bay, especially from agriculture. Advocacy, Political Will, Water Quality 2015 Chesapeake
Friends of the Rappahannock, Inc. $20,000 Expand local advocacy efforts to capitalize on living shoreline funding and new threats, while expanding the reach of membership and major donor programs to the headwater counties. Advocacy, Capacity, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
James River Association $15,000 In partnership with the Potomac Conservancy, Friends of the Rappahannock and others, advocate for adequate state water quality funding to meet Virginia’s clean water commitments. Advocacy, Political Will, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
Lancaster Conservancy $20,000 The Urban Greening program continues to work with Lancaster City to develop an incentive program to coincide with implementation of the stormwater fee and to build awareness in the community about stormwater pollution. Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
National Parks Conservation Association $55,000 Expand and diversify constituencies, and educate key leaders as well as grassroots about the connections between a clean environment and a healthy economy. Engage constituents to advocate that local, state, and federal decision makers adopt, implement, and enforce strong clean air and water protections to benefit the Chesapeake region. Advocacy 2015 Chesapeake
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc. $40,000 Ensure that Clean Water Act protection is effectively restored to the wetlands and headwater streams that feed into the Chesapeake Bay and affect Bay water quality. Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
Trout Unlimited $30,000 Protect and restore habitat for native and wild trout in the Chesapeake Bay basin by engaging anglers in advocacy. Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies 2015 Chesapeake
University System of Maryland Foundation Inc $20,000 Provide general operating support to the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Studies (UMCES), Maryland's premier research institution aimed at advancing scientific knowledge of the environment. Agriculture 2015 Chesapeake
Valley Conservation Council Inc $10,000 Through all program areas, promote natural resource protection in the Shenandoah Valley region in the context of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan. Land Use, Nutrients 2015 Chesapeake
Wetlands Watch, Inc. $50,000 Protect conventional wetlands habitats and plan for their adaptation to sea level rise by working largely with local governments on land use decisions. Accountability, Land Use, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
1000 Friends of Maryland, Inc $35,000 Develop policy solutions, educate decision makers and the public, produce reports and fact sheets, and build strong coalitions to advance a suite of proposals for cleaner water and sustainable growth. Central to this effort will be research and messaging around the economic benefits of smarter growth for communities, counties and residents. Advocacy, Political Will, Water Quality 2015 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $60,000 Work to inspire new behavior in people of faith and to build advocacy and action within the faith community in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies 2015 Chesapeake
American Rivers, Inc $30,000 Build upon existing joint communications efforts with the Water Working Group coalition on what the implementation of the Clean Water Rule means to different targeted audiences, and to correct misperceptions. Communications, Water Quality 2015 Chesapeake
Anacostia Watershed Society, Inc $30,000 Work towards the restoration of the Anacostia River, with a particular emphasis on enhanced stormwater controls, reduction of trash inputs, and increased attention to remediation of toxics. Advocacy, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy $25,000 Identify, train and support community leaders, “Master Watershed Stewards”, to reduce the negative impacts of stormwater runoff in Anne Arundel County. Advocacy, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Bay Trust $50,000 Through the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network, use the delivery of grants, technical assistance, training and strategic coordination to strengthen and diversify regional collaborations. Capacity 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Conservancy Inc $60,000 General support to assist the Conservancy in responding to the need for collaborative conservation on a landscape scale, expanded public access and engagement, and innovative approaches to leveraging increasingly scarce public funding. Communications 2015 Chesapeake
Common Cause Education Fund $25,000 Increase transparency at all levels of Maryland’s government, to build a broad coalition of organizations working together on common goals, and to advance access to data regarding pollution loading and public health. Advocacy, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
James River Association $45,000 Advocate for policies and regulations at the state level to ensure the protection and restoration of the James River watershed. Locally, bring awareness to the toxic threats through the “Our River at Risk” campaign. Advocacy, Stormwater, WIP 2015 Chesapeake
State Voices $10,000 Support a collaborative 501(c)(3) Get Out The Vote plan with environmental partners, and existing members of the Virginia Civic Engagement Table. Advocacy 2015 Chesapeake
Anacostia Riverkeeper, Inc. $20,000 The Riverkeeper focuses on protection and restoration of the Anacostia River for those who work, live and play in the watershed with a focus on advocacy, enforcement, education and outreach. Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Blue Water Baltimore, Inc. $32,000 The Baltimore Harbor Waterekeeper serves as the voice for the Baltimore Harbor watershed, utilizing law and science to end pollution and restore water quality, protecting the public’s right to clean water. Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Conservancy Inc $2,000 An annual event of the Chesapeake Conservancy to honor conservation champions. These individuals,public servants, and corporate leaders have made a difference for the work of the Conservancy in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Funds are used to support land conservation, public access, wildlife habitat protection, and innovation. Water Quality 2015 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Rivers Association $24,000 Support the Severn Riverkeeper program whose mission is to protect and restore the Severn River, through litigation, restoration, engagement and monitoring of water quality. Keepers, Stormwater 2015 Chesapeake
Chester River Association $30,000 The Chester Riverkeeper works to protect and restore the Chester River through targeted advocacy, outreach, and restoration to improve water quality. Keepers, Political Will 2015 Chesapeake
James River Association $30,000 The Upper James Riverkeeper serves as the eyes, ears and voice of the Upper and Middle James River watershed and serves as a full-time advocate for the conservation and responsible stewardship of the river. Keepers, Nutrients 2015 Chesapeake