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Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Inc $65,000 Help Eastern Shore local governments meet their WIP goals. ESLC will engage in local projects that provide replicable models; target water quality BMP education to government officials and staff; and work in collaboration with other partners to provide communities with WIP resources. Land Use, WIP 2014 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $40,000 Enable nonprofits and small Bay watershed organizations to better manage their data so it can be easily shared with decision makers. Provide affordable web mapping and programming support to small watershed organizations, foundations, and government agencies. Build data-driven applications that spark information transparency, public engagement, and conservation policy decisions. Agriculture, Nutrients 2014 Chesapeake
West Rhode Riverkeeper $45,000 West/Rhode Riverkeeper works to protect families and communities by stopping pollution locally. The Riverkeeper works with communities to enforce environmental law, promote restoration, and advocate for better environmental policy for local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients 2014 Chesapeake
YWCA Annapolis and Anne Arundel County $1,500 Honor a woman working in the environmental field in Anne Arundel County, through the YWCA N/A 2014 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $15,000 Expand outreach to churches, schools, and businesses and integrate tree plantings and other restoration initiatives with stream cleanups to inspire a collective vision of clean water among this expanded audience. Build development and communication capacity in order to launch a major fundraising campaign. Advocacy 2014 Chesapeake
Blue Water Baltimore, Inc. $10,000 In a partnership with other funders, raise the amount of unrestricted funds available in 2014 to finalize the merger of Blue Water Baltimore. Water Quality 2014 Chesapeake
Coastal Conservation Association - MD $35,000 CCA-MD will concentrate its efforts in 2013 in three areas: membership, fundraising and advocacy. Advocacy work will cover sediment from Conowingo Dam; river herring and american shad sustainability; invasive species control; recreational angler accountability;and updating fisheries management plans on speckled trout, crappie, and blue catfish. Advocacy, Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies 2014 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $10,000 Support expert review of environmental pollution controls and associated permits for a poultry litter gasification facility in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Agriculture, Pollution 2014 Chesapeake
Gunpowder Riverkeeper, Inc. $37,000 Serve as an advocate for the Gunpowder River watershed and its communities, working to abate pollution and champion regulatory reform by using environmental baseline monitoring, environmental outreach, advocacy and litigation. Advocacy, Fisheries, Keepers 2014 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $135,000 NWF is the largest membership based conservation organization, working to protect wildlife and wild places for children Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies 2014 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $40,000 Prevent pollution from agricultural operations in order to restore clean water in the Shenandoah River and its tributaries through community engagement and enforcement. Agriculture, Water Quality 2014 Chesapeake
Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper, Inc. $35,000 Support the advocacy role of a new full-time Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper, working on building the capacity of the organization, engaging state policy makers, and growing the grassroots presence on the Eastern Shore. Advocacy, Keepers 2014 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $75,000 Educate Maryland policymakers and the media about risks posed by farm pollution to clean water and public health -- and the need for tighter regulations and enforcement -- through effective messaging, media outreach, strategic advice and implementation of smart communication strategies by state environmental groups. Agriculture, Communications, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2014 Chesapeake
Anacostia Watershed Society, Inc $46,000 Work in Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties to help utilize residual designation authority. Work with all of Maryland Advocacy, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Bay Trust $2,500 Support the annual WIP 2014 Chesapeake
Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center $50,000 Build support in Maryland for specific policies to reduce Chesapeake Bay pollution from agribusiness operations, and defend against rollbacks to good and reasonable policies that help curb ag pollution. Advocacy, Agriculture 2014 Chesapeake
Wild Oceans, Inc. $20,000 Restore the Atlantic menhaden population and its ecological role in coastal ecosystems. Work with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to obtain full implementation of catch reductions and rebuilding measures. Fisheries 2014 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $225,000 Harness the collective power of the region Advocacy, WIP 2014 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $10,000 Support the Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, and the expansion of the Potomac Riverkeeper program to West Virginia, western Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. Advocacy, Agriculture 2014 Chesapeake
Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association $50,000 The Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper covers the area from Sunbury, PA to the Chesapeake Bay, working to ensure compliance with environmental laws, advocating for improved laws based on science, and providing education on issues pertaining to the health of the waterways and communities. Advocacy, Keepers, Nutrients 2014 Chesapeake
University of Rhode Island $5,000 Support 2 seminars for journalists to gather background on climate science within the context of economic consequences and public policy, and learn about local effects on marine and coastal environments. Advocacy, Communications 2014 Chesapeake
Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund $85,000 Educate and encourage conservation voters to make it to the polls. Increase the level of engagement of these voters in communication with policy makers and participation in policy debates in order to increase the value and voice of conservation. Advocacy, Political Will 2014 Chesapeake
Virginia Conservation Network $50,000 Composed of more than 160 conservation and community groups, VCN provides unified and strategic efforts on issues such as agricultural best management practices, fracking and stormwater. They serve as the Virginia state lead for the Choose Clean Water Coalition. Advocacy 2014 Chesapeake
Water Stewardship, Inc. $75,000 Expand WSI Agriculture 2014 Chesapeake
Alliance for Justice $7,000 Provide information, training, and resources to help build the capacity of nonprofits to engage in advocacy to promote positive social change, hold government accountable, and help ensure all voices are represented in public policy debates. Advocacy 2014 Chesapeake
Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States, Inc. $78,000 Their Conservation Program works to promote stronger, more enforceable and better funded stormwater programs. They will work to increase the number of citizens engaged in local stream stewardship to expand and strengthen the network of community based advocates. Advocacy, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Clean Air Watch $35,000 Educate the media and the general public about the importance of strong clean air laws and regulations. Function as a watchdog organization and shape public perception of air issues. N/A 2014 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Bay Commission $18,000 Provide general support for activities to decrease the flow of nutrients, especially phosphorus, to the Chesapeake Bay due to the over application of animal manure used as fertilizer. Agriculture, Water Quality 2014 Chesapeake
Clean Water Fund $60,000 Susquehanna River watershed voters will be educated on the environmental issues at stake, and through a GOTV effort, be encouraged to participate in the democratic process. Advocacy, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $60,000 Hold CAFOs and other agricultural dischargers accountable for discharges in the Bay watershed. Implement legal and policy strategies to increase agricultural transparency and accountability at the national, regional, and state levels. Agriculture 2014 Chesapeake
Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund $150,000 Mobilize citizens across Maryland to act in ways that benefit the environment and lead to enduring change. Conduct environmental outreach to connect local and regional groups to policy makers in Annapolis with a focus on targeting the Rising American electorate. Political Will 2014 Chesapeake
Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc $70,000 Lead the Choose Clean Water Coalition Advocacy, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Society of Environmental Journalists, Inc. $10,000 Advance public understanding of environmental issues by strengthening the quality and reach of environmental journalism, and support the Communications 2014 Chesapeake
Alice Ferguson Foundation, Inc $10,000 The Trash Free Potomac Watershed Initiative is focused on the lasting reduction of trash in the Potomac River Watershed by utilizing a framework of regulation, policy, enforcement, public education, market-based approaches, and building a diverse network of partners. Non-traditional Allies, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Center for Watershed Protection $40,000 Develop and pilot a Clean Water Training Program Certification in stormwater by collaborating with community workforce development organizations in two to three Accountability, Advocacy, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Legal Alliance Inc $20,000 Provide legal resources to individuals and groups to bring about meaningful progress in Bay restoration through enforcement actions, litigation, participation in the regulatory, legislative and planning processes and participation in land use hearings. Advocacy, Political Will 2014 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $55,000 Advocate for revisions to the Pennsylvania nutrient credit trading system and improved enforcement against farming operations that are impacting local water quality. These actions will go a long way to help the Commonwealth meet its Watershed Implementation Plan and milestone commitments. Agriculture 2014 Chesapeake
Devereux Environmental Consulting $5,000 Work with the KCF team to develop improved BMP reporting as part of the Chesapeake Bay Program Agricultural Workgroup effort. Agriculture, Communications 2014 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $40,000 The Choose Clean Water Coalition works to connect the collective power of the region Advocacy, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $30,000 Promote and protect the rural economy, natural resources, history and beauty of the Northern Piedmont through advocacy for federal, state and local policies that protect the region WIP 2014 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $20,000 SVN works closely with local citizens Advocacy, Land Use 2014 Chesapeake
River Network $50,000 Continue to provide capacity building expertise and resources to groups in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, extending into Pennsylvania. Educate and activate members on the Waters of the US rule so they can speak out for clean water. Capacity 2014 Chesapeake
The Nature Conservancy $60,000 Ensure that the Bay and its watershed produce clean water and abundant fisheries through a collaborative approach that focuses on tangible conservation in critical places. On-the-ground projects, strategic policy advocacy, and innovative use of private funds are targeted toward increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Chesapeake conservation efforts. Advocacy, Water Quality 2014 Chesapeake
University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc. $105,000 Provide pro bono legal services to environmental organizations and individuals working on environmental problems in Maryland and the Chesapeake region. Represent clients in rulemaking, permitting, legislation and litigation. N/A 2014 Chesapeake
Water Stewardship, Inc. $15,000 Support KCF and its grantees by providing technical analyses and interpretation related to agricultural policy issues, such as phosphorus management, ag certainty and nutrient trading. Agriculture, Nutrients 2014 Chesapeake
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc $10,000 The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore is the chief advocate, promoter, and steward for Baltimore Non-traditional Allies, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $2,500 The Taste of the Chesapeake is an annual celebration and recognition of Bay environmental leaders, programs and progress. Advocacy, WIP 2014 Chesapeake
Blue Water Baltimore, Inc. $70,000 Ensure Baltimore stormwater laws and regulations are transparent and directly affect water quality improvements; hire a community organizer to assist with grassroots organizing; and build new partnerships advocating for clean water. Advocacy, Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Stormwater Network, Inc. $23,000 Improve implementation of stormwater practices by expanding and training the network of 5,000+ stormwater professionals; translating the available science; understanding the regulatory landscape, and advocating for change. Stormwater 2014 Chesapeake
PennFuture $75,000 Conduct advocacy on water policy issues affecting the Bay watershed, and combine that advocacy with legal work around threats to water quality in the Susquehanna River watershed. Monitor and hold Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) accountable for implementing and achieving its TMDL requirements. Advocacy, WIP 2014 Chesapeake