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River Network $3,000 Provide scholarships to help Chesapeake Bay watershed leaders participate in River Rally 2013. The event will bring together several hundred river leaders, volunteers, staff and board members for presentations, workshops, field trips, and many networking opportunities. Capacity, Political Will 2013 Chesapeake
Commonwealth of Virginia $3,000 Sponsor the 2012 Environment Virginia Symposium, which is held each year to address environmental issues in the state. The theme this year is Nutrients 2013 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $20,000 Hire a full-time online organizer to coordinate and professionalize email, web and social media efforts for the League of Conversation Voter affiliates in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. As the internet becomes an ever more vital tool for educating and activating the public on environmental issues, efforts are being prioritized to do that work well. Political Will 2013 Chesapeake
Maroon Consulting, LLC $30,000 Bring accountability, oversight and sound environmental policy decisions to the trading programs in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland, and coordinate with EPA to ensure nutrient trading is done consistent with the Bay TMDL goals. Nutrients 2013 Chesapeake
Virginia Organizing, Inc $30,000 Environmental Health Sciences will establish a database of information resources relevant to human health chemical inputs into the Chesapeake Bay. This will establish the groundwork for evaluating whether it offers sufficient substance to guide communication efforts. Communications 2013 Chesapeake
Association Of Baltimore Area Grantmakers Inc $3,000 The Green Funders Affinity Group convenes ABAG members in order to: 1) continue to deepen members' understanding of a wide range of environmental challenges, 2) provide periodic updates on existing and new developments in the greater Baltimore area related to environment, sustainability, and community greening, and 3) serve as a forum for members to share work and perspectives. Non-traditional Allies 2013 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Climate Action Network $65,000 Work with Maryland state officials to develop Accountability, Political Will 2013 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $20,000 Provide messaging, editorial and communication services to a coalition of advocates and researchers that is focused on identifying the critical issues that should be considered by policymakers as they move to implementing a formalized nutrient trading progam. Provide support and strategic communications advice specifically to members of the Maryland Accounting for Growth stakeholders workgroup. Communications, Nutrients 2013 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $10,000 Educate Maryland policymakers about risks posed by farm pollution to clean water and public health -- and need for tighter regulations and enforcement --through effective messaging, media outreach, and implementation of smart communication strategies by state environmental groups. Communications, Nutrients 2013 Chesapeake
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Inc $70,000 ESLC will help Eastern Shore local governments meet their WIP goals. ESLC will continue participation on local WIP teams and continue efforts with county elected officials and staff to advance watershed funding tools toward their WIPs. WIP 2013 Chesapeake
Clean Water Fund $75,000 Work with policymakers to implement stormwater utility fees in Baltimore City and the nine other Phase I jurisdictions required to enact local legislation. The adoption and implementation of stormwater utility fees will create local funding for stormwater retrofits, provide incentives for reducing impervious surface, create jobs and improve quality of life in Maryland communities. Advocacy, Stormwater 2013 Chesapeake
Action Media $15,000 Work with Foundation staff, elected officials, NGO's and coalitions, to increase the clarity and power of public communications for Bay Restoration. Communications, Political Will 2013 Chesapeake
Council Fire $35,000 Coordinate and facilitate a representative stakeholder Nutrients 2013 Chesapeake
Coastal Conservation Association $35,000 CCA-MD will concentrate its efforts in 2013 in three areas: membership, fundraising and advocacy. Advocacy work will cover sediment from Conowingo Dam; river herring and american shad sustainability; invasive species control; recreational angler accountability;and updating fisheries management plans on speckled trout, crappie, and blue catfish. Advocacy, Fisheries, Non-traditional Allies 2013 Chesapeake
Burke Environmental Associates, LLC $85,000 Explore and encourage the use of new technologies to effectively target watershed improvement practices and validate the presence of BMPs on rural landscapes, particularly in the Nanticoke and Chester River watersheds. Agriculture, Nutrients, WIP 2013 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $140,000 The Chesapeake regional office provides quality management of the region Advocacy, Non-traditional Allies 2013 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $25,000 Implement a development and fundraising strategy that will build needed capacity within the Alliance organization for outreach and communication with donors and members. Capacity 2013 Chesapeake
Stroud Water Research Center $35,000 Establish the framework and criteria for a water quality based recognition program for farms. The project will also demonstrate a GPS-based manure application tracking system and an in-field monitoring system to act as secondary verification (or alarm) system and to gather long term data on best management practice (BMP) performance. Agriculture, Nutrients 2013 Chesapeake
National Coalition for Marine Conservation $20,000 Advance restoration of the Atlantic menhaden population and its ecological role in coastal ecosystems. Ensure timely and full implementation of catch reductions and rebuilding measures, monitor and participate in planning for the next stock assessment, and promote development of ecological reference points for the long-term conservation of menhaden as a critical forage species. Advocacy, Fisheries 2013 Chesapeake
Devereux Environmental Consulting $10,000 Work with the KCF team to develop improved verification protocols for nutrient management (NM) as part of Chesapeake Bay Program Agricultural Workgroup effort. Agriculture, Communications 2013 Chesapeake
The Nature Conservancy $60,000 Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Chesapeake conservation efforts through targetted on-the-ground projects, strategic policy advocacy, and innovative use of private funds. Advocacy 2013 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $60,000 Educate Maryland policymakers and the media about risks posed by farm pollution to clean water and public health-- and need for tighter regulations and enforcement -- through effective messaging, media outreach, strategic advice, and implementation of smart communication strategies by state environmental groups. Advocacy, Agriculture 2013 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $55,000 Revise the Pennsylvania nutrient credit trading system and actively enforce against farming operations that are impacting local water quality. These actions will go a long way to helping the Commonwealth fully implement its Phase 2 Watershed Implementation Plan and milestone commitments. Influence decision makers, both state and federal, to implement and enforce strategies that will result in local water quality improvement. Agriculture 2013 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Legal Alliance Inc $20,000 Provide legal resources to individuals and groups to bring about meaningful progress in Bay restoration through enforcement actions, other litigation, participation in the regulatory, legislative and planning processes and participation in land use hearings. Accountability, Political Will 2013 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $30,000 Work to promote and protect the rural economy, natural resources, history and beauty of the Northern Piedmont through advocacy for federal, state and local policies that protect the region Advocacy, WIP 2013 Chesapeake