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Name of Organization Amount Description Keywords Year Office
Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland $35,000 Support conservation and advocacy efforts in the promotion of coastal marine resources for the benefit of the general public. N/A 2008 Chesapeake
Clean Air Watch $30,000 Support Clean Air Watch's core mission of educating the media about the need for clean air as well as the need for strong clean air laws and regulations. Work closely to help allied groups achieve this objective as well. N/A 2008 Chesapeake
Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland $35,000 Support CCA-MD and their leadership role in educating decision makers about the importance of science based management of state fisheries. N/A 2009 Chesapeake
EarthJustice $30,000 Support their Mid-Atlantic Initiative, focusing on litigation and regulatory action to reduce polluted stormwater runoff, reduce emissions from power plants and strengthen local water quality standards, such as combined sewer overflows. N/A 2008 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $50,000 Successful completion of a challenge grant in support of the Patuxent Waterkeeper. N/A 2005 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $40,000 Support the Patuxent Riverkeeper/ successful completion of a challenge grant. N/A 2006 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $40,000 Support the Patuxent Riverkeeper program/ successful completion of a challenge grant. N/A 2007 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $42,000 Continue support of the Patuxent Riverkeeper program. N/A 2008 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $36,000 Support the Patuxent Riverkeeper through organizational capacity growth, including Board development, strategic planning and fundraising. As part of this grant, the Executive Director will participate in the Institute for Conservation Leadership's Executive Director training program. N/A 2008 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $25,000 Partner with other environmental organizations to educate and engage the public on the critical issue of Marcellus shale drilling. Advocate for actions by the Pennsylvania legislature to regulate Marcellus shale drilling companies and require environmental safeguards. Nutrients 2010 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $35,000 Continued support of the Patuxent Riverkeeper. N/A 2009 Chesapeake
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity $5,000 Support the hiring of a consultant to assist a group of funders interested in a joint collaboration around national water policy. Advocacy 2010 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $10,000 Engage faith-based congregations throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed in environmental efforts. N/A 2009 Chesapeake
County of Lancaster, PA $15,500 Conduct a feasibility study to assess the potential for Advanced Anaerobic Digestion of animal waste in Lancaster County. Assess potential environmental benefits as well as the technical and economic viability of a number of different technology alternatives. N/A 2009 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $35,000 Support for the Patuxent Riverkeeper program. N/A 2010 Chesapeake
Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays $75,000 Hire a circuit rider to educate and empower affected local governments struggling to meet Critical Area requirements, and part-time engineering and natural resources consultants to provide expertise, testimony and in-house education. N/A 2009 Chesapeake
EarthJustice $30,000 Address stronger stormwater measures in DC, providing a model for other stormwater control programs; Work on enforcement of the Clean Air Act to cut nitrogen oxide emissions and mercury from power plants. N/A 2006 Chesapeake
Delmarva Low Impact Tourism Experiences $5,000 Support the creation of seven water trails in and around Smith Island, allowing visitors the experience to appreciate the natural environment of Smith Island while contributing to the island's financial stability. N/A 2007 Chesapeake
EarthJustice $30,000 Support for the Washington DC office, focusing on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. N/A 2009 Chesapeake
Department of Natural Resources $310,000 To collaborate with VIMS in the implementation of innovative technology for collection of SAV seed on a large scale with associated improvements in settling and planting techniques. N/A 2003 Chesapeake
EarthJustice $15,000 Litigation and administrative advocacy to address threats to water and air quality throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Political Will 2010 Chesapeake
Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth $5,000 Support the participation in the planning processes of Dorchester County and the City of Cambridge, both of which are presently developing comprehensive plans. N/A 2008 Chesapeake
EarthJustice $15,000 Support a nonprofit public interest law firm for litigation and administrative advocacy to address threats to water and air quality throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Political Will 2011 Chesapeake
Ducks Unlimited $25,000 Convene national and regional experts to develop a consensus "full-cost accounting" report on the full impact of land development on water quality, including impervious surface area, vehicle emissions, etc. N/A 2006 Chesapeake
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Inc $20,000 General operational support with interest noted in implementation of regional land use agreements, and permanent protection through codes and ordinances. N/A 2005 Chesapeake