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Commonwealth of Virginia $3,000 Sponsor the 2012 Environment Virginia Symposium, which is held each year to address environmental issues in the state. The theme this year is N/A 2012 Chesapeake
H. John Heinz III Center for Science Economics and the Environment $10,000 Provide scientific information and analysis to improve measures of performance, reporting and verification related to nutrient management. Assist environmental advocates with necessary technical support in their efforts to strengthen state and federal policies that address allowable levels of manure application as part of nutrient management plans. Review upcoming MD revised phosphorus index that has been developed as part of the MD Watershed Implementation Plan. Agriculture, Pollution 2012 Chesapeake
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Inc $45,000 Support the "Center for Towns" initiative, empowering town leaders, citizens and planners to insist on development proposals that reduce nutrients while energizing small Eastern Shore communities. Land Use 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Climate Action Network $65,000 Work with Maryland state officials to develop Accountability, Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Action Media $13,000 Provide messaging support and consultation to the Choose Clean Water Coalition and its individual member organizations to increase the clarity and power of communications about the Bay restoration effort. Communications 2012 Chesapeake
Resource Dynamics, Inc. $50,000 Analyze technical and policy related initiatives associated with agriculture that will increase the pace of Bay cleanup. Provide states with timely and useful information for both Phase II and III State Watershed Implementation Plans. Key issue areas will include: strengthening nutrient management tools and programs and improving verification and tracking of on- the- ground management practices. WIP 2012 Chesapeake
YWCA Annapolis and Anne Arundel County $1,000 Honor a woman working in the environmental field in Anne Arundel County. In 2012, Suzanne Etgen, with the Watershed Stewards Academy, was honored for her work in launching the Academy and creating a successful model that has been replicated in other counties in Maryland. Advocacy 2012 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $140,000 NWF is one of the country Advocacy 2012 Chesapeake
Maroon Consulting, LLC $50,000 Inform the Bay region N/A 2012 Chesapeake
James River Association $8,000 Support the defendant in the Advocacy, Fisheries 2012 Chesapeake
Coastal Conservation Association $35,000 CCA-MD acts as a voice for conservation minded anglers in the state. The primary role is to galvanize anglers through education, best available science, and sound policy to ensure stable and abundant fish populations. Advocacy, Fisheries 2012 Chesapeake
Burke Environmental Associates, LLC $85,000 Identify specific geographic areas in the Nanticoke Watershed where nutrient and sediment reduction efforts are best directed to improve water quality. Automate water quality and BMP data collection and visualization through linkage with the Chesapeake Commons. Agriculture, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $25,000 Support a comprehensive development effort, including the launching of a capital campaign ( Capacity 2012 Chesapeake
Water Stewardship, Inc. $75,000 Implement an on-farm assessment, verification and continuous improvement program. Work with farmers to develop an iterative, verified BMP implementation program that provides a roadmap to achieve state Chesapeake Bay TMDL targets for farms over time. Facilitate widespread adoption of the WSI approach for WIP goal achievement. Complete a strategic plan for WSI Agriculture, Nutrients, Pollution, Water Quality, WIP 2012 Chesapeake
Virginia Conservation Network $45,000 VCN represents 130 pro-conservation citizen groups. Together, these affiliate members, develop and implement a Advocacy 2012 Chesapeake
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund $85,000 On issues of importance to Virginia Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
National Coalition for Marine Conservation $20,000 Work with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and other fishing and environmental organizations to prepare Amendment 2 to the menhaden Fishery Management Plan. This amendment will feature management measures, such as quotas and allocations among fishery sectors, as well as area-based management, gear limits, etc. Fisheries 2012 Chesapeake
American Rivers, Inc $30,000 Develop a set of recommendations for cost-effective operation and maintenance practices for Green Infrastructure approaches. Understanding O&M needs will help communities plan and invest more effectively, within their budget. Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Anacostia Watershed Society, Inc $38,000 Contract with a consultant to answer stormwater questions raised by advocates, prepare memoranda and papers relating to issues which arise to advance improved stormwater management in MD, assist advocates in addressing local development that has potential for stormwater runoff impacts, and train local watershed and community advocates about how the 2007 MD Stormwater Management Act is to be implemented. Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Bay Trust $2,000 Sponsor the 14th annual Treasure the Chesapeake Celebration and Fundraiser. The annual fundraiser of the Chesapeake Bay Trust also serves as a venue for the more than 400 Chesapeake Bay partners, leaders and supporters to network and discuss Bay topics. N/A 2012 Chesapeake
Chester River Association $3,750 Develop a draft plan and strategy in formalizing the structure of Waterkeepers Chesapeake. Keepers 2012 Chesapeake
Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center $50,000 Build support for policies in Maryland to reduce Chesapeake Bay pollution from the agricutural sector. Advocate for stronger nutrient management standards at the state and Federal level and ensure that strong and enforceable permits are issued to concentrated animal feeding operations that should have them. Hold the state accountable for its commitments to achieve agricultural pollution reductions in its Watershed Implementation Plan. Accountability, Agriculture, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
  $8,000 Conduct a mini-organizational assessment to analyze the organizational structure and capacity of Water Stewardship Inc., and use these findings to strengthen their 3-year plan. Provide guidance and support in developing implementation strategies to address gaps, growth and/or changes that will support the organization Capacity 2012 Chesapeake
Queen Anne's Conservation Association $20,000 Challenge the commercial and residential rezoning of 4 parcels of rural land in Queen Anne Land Use 2012 Chesapeake
Southern Environmental Law Center $30,000 Defend, monitor, and advance implementation of the U.S. EPA Advocacy, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
Alliance for Justice $7,000 Provide information, training and resources that will help build the advocacy capacity of the Chesapeake environmental community Advocacy 2012 Chesapeake
Virginia Conservation Network $10,000 Use peer-to-peer learning opportunities and coaching in the areas of nonprofit management, campaign development, and communications to strengthen and network smart, powerful and well run state environmental advocacy organizations. Advocacy 2012 Chesapeake
University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc. $105,000 Support the salaries of a staff attorney and three graduate fellows who work full time in promoting the Clinic Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
University System of Maryland Foundation Inc $25,000 Provide general support to UMCES, Maryland's premier research institution aimed at advancing scientific knowledge of the environment. Conduct a comprehensive scientific program to develop and apply predictive ecology for the improvement and preservation of Maryland's physical environment. Prepare future scientists and environmental stewards to meet the growing environmental challenges facing society today and research needs of tomorrow. N/A 2012 Chesapeake
Society of Environmental Journalists, Inc. $10,000 Educate professional journalists and provide them with resources to enhance new reporting on watershed health, water quality, marine and coastal issues. Communications 2012 Chesapeake
Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc $50,000 Lead the Choose Clean Water Coalition Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund $150,000 Enhance communication among local groups who have formed alliances in strategic areas across the state, and strengthen their outreach to their constituencies. Work to connect these groups to Annapolis and ensure their voices are heard. Build the capacity and influence of individual groups in order to reach the strategic goals of MD LCV and the goals of the environmental community. Communications, Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $70,000 Protect Maryland waters and airsheds from toxic pollution by holding state and federal regulatory agencies, as well as polluters, accountable for compliance with environmental laws. Accountability, Nutrients, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $60,000 Improve state and federal regulation of CAFO water and air pollution, and challenge EPA regulations when they do not meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act and other laws. Seek opportunities to hold CAFOs and poultry processors accountable for discharges and air emissions in the Bay watershed; and improve regulation of CAFOs and other point sources to meet TMDL goals to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment loadings in the watershed. Advocacy, Agriculture, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
Conservation Strategies, LLC $7,000 Research the issue of maintaining green infrastructure practices in the Chesapeake Bay in order to inform funders on current practice and practitioner needs. Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Clean Air Watch $35,000 Seek to achieve strong clean air laws and standards through a combination of media education and grassroots advocacy. CAW functions as a watchdog organization, shaping public perception of air issues by working directly with the media and allied groups. N/A 2012 Chesapeake
Chiles Consulting, LLC $42,000 Assist the Menhaden Coalition in a campaign to end overfishing of Atlantic menhaden and establish scientific precedent for ecosystem based approach to forage fish management. Fisheries 2012 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $20,000 Analysis 2-year milestone commitments made by Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Release state reports to keep leadership accountable. Accountability, Advocacy, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc $10,000 The Healthy Harbor Initiative aims to make Baltimore Harbor safe for swimming and fishing by the year 2020. This will be done through a diverse partnership of stakeholders implementing a Healthy Harbor Plan, and a coordinated public awareness and campaign. Advocacy, Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States, Inc. $78,000 Work in the larger DC metro area to ensure adequate funding is available to implement stormwater solutions; current stormwater regulatory requirements aren Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Clean Water Fund $50,000 Work to establish safe drilling standards from some of the key natural gas drilling companies, and work with municipalities to adopt low impact development designs into their stormwater remediation and prevention work. Advocacy, Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Alice Ferguson Foundation, Inc $10,000 With stakeholders, work through a comprehensive framework to address the trash problem in the Potomac watershed. Efforts will include adding trash reduction language in MS4 permit renewals. Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Conservation Pennsylvania $50,000 Choose Clean Water Coalition and the Pennsylvania WIP lead will provide the grassroots outreach to constituents on coalition issues. Jan Jarrett will work to build the state coalition and help gain access to power brokers within Pennsylvania. Hank Zygmunt and Joe Maroon will work as liaisons to EPA and as technical advisors to the coalition. Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Foundation for Pennsylvania Watershed $10,000 Provide technical assistance to improve Pa Accountability, Agriculture 2012 Chesapeake
Woodwrights, LLC $40,000 Work one-on-one with selected groups to build their capacity in the areas of leadership influence, fundraising and media outreach. Advocacy, Capacity 2012 Chesapeake
Virginia Institute of Marine Science Foundation $10,000 Seagrass beds are important habitats in the Chesapeake Bay region and have been found to provide habitat, protection, nursery ares, and other functions for ecologically valuable fishery species. The VIMS SAV program involves monitoring SAV beds annually baywide, and restoring eelgrass to areas that can now support these plants. Fisheries, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
The Nature Conservancy $80,000 Ensure that the Bay and its watershed produce clean water and abundant fisheries through strategic policy advocacy and innovative use of private funds targeted toward increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Chesapeake conservation efforts. Fisheries 2012 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $20,000 Provide technical information, analysis, strategic planning and communications tools to conservation groups and local governments to protect the Valley Land Use 2012 Chesapeake
Sustainable Chesapeake $8,000 Provide technical assistance as part of the ongoing implementation of the Campaign to Reduce Application of Manure (CRAM) initiative currently funded by KCF. The CRAM project has generated a number of highly technical issues (e.g., questions about new Phosphorus site index testing measures, agricultural management practice verification standards and principles) which require analysis and recommendation from an agricultural water quality scientist. Agriculture, Nutrients, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
River Network $25,000 Provide a variety of resources and techniques to address specific organizational development needs. When organizational development is done and done well, groups are better positioned to protect and restore their watersheds over the long-term. Capacity 2012 Chesapeake
Piedmont Environmental Council $30,000 Work to promote and protect the rural economy, natural resources, history and beauty of the Northern Piedmont through advocacy for federal, state and local policies that protect the region Advocacy, Land Use, Pollution, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Legal Alliance Inc $25,000 CLA volunteer attorneys assist citizen and environmental groups in enforcing and improving existing environmental laws, regulations and programs. Capacity 2012 Chesapeake
Environmental Defense Fund Incorporated $175,000 Build a sustainable fisheries management system in the Chesapeake for the blue crab and striped bass fisheries. Facilitate a collaborative process with watermen and fishery managers to develop and win approval of fundamental management improvements. Simultaneously, build support for incorporating market-based tools, such as catch shares, into the management systems by demonstrating local success of catch shares through voluntary pilot projects. Fisheries 2012 Chesapeake
Center for Progressive Reform Inc $20,000 Inform advocacy efforts to improve nutrient credit trading and offset programs in the Bay watershed. Produce a concise analysis of the Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
YWCA Annapolis and Anne Arundel County $5,000 Provide support for the 2012 Disco Gala, the primary fundraising event of the YWCA. Proceeds from the event support the programs of the organization serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault residing in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. N/A 2012 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $10,000 Educate Maryland policymakers about risks posed by farm pollution to clean water and public health -- and need for tighter regulations and enforcement --through effective messaging, media outreach, and implementation of smart communication strategies by state environmental groups. Communications, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Stormwater Network, Inc. $40,000 The CSN will focus on making sure new stormwater regulations, permits and implementation plans are tracked, enforced and properly implemented. Efforts will include technical assistance, hands-on training, expanded interaction with the network of stormwater professionals, and engagement with the advocacy community on stormwater issues. Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Blue Water Baltimore, Inc. $30,000 Blue Water Baltimore will focus on the local implementation of new laws and regulations that will have a great impact on Baltimore waterways, namely the establishment and implementation of a fee to fund stormwater infrastructure. They will also continue to work on the strengthening of a MS4 permit for Baltimore, and stay involved in the Watershed Implementation Plan process. Advocacy, Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Potomac Conservancy, Inc $40,000 Safeguard the Potomac River region's lands and waters and advocate to reduce polluted runoff through laws, codes, permits, public awareness and funding. Build political power in local communities to ensure the Nation's River achieves the goal of being fishable and swimmable in the next 15 years Advocacy, Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Izaak Walton League of America $20,000 Organize educational events, coordinate volunteer opportunities, arrange meetings between League members and key decisionmakers, and leverage existing recreational and social events to increase the engagement of Maryland League members and chapters on Chesapeake Bay issues. Advocacy, Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Virginia Organizing, Inc $10,000 Building relationships with diverse backgrounds, identifying issues of concerns, providing training in leadership, and implementing strategies that break down traditional division. Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
PennFuture $50,000 Ensure strong implementation of Pennsylvania Agriculture, Nutrients, Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
West Rhode Riverkeeper $50,000 Hire an Executive Director/ Advocacy Director for Waterkeepers Chesapeake who will coordinate the advancement of its advocacy priorities. Coordinated efforts will help engage Waterkeepers in broader issues that they may not otherwise get involved in. Keepers 2012 Chesapeake
National Wildlife Federation $8,600 Create a diverse, advocacy coalition in support of Susquehanna River cleanup and restoration of the bass fishery. A focus on cleaning up the Susquehanna River pollution for the sake of the river itself and the bass fishery has an existing constituency which is not now organized. Advocacy, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Resource Dynamics, Inc. $30,000 Analyze technical and policy related initiatives associated with agriculture that will increase the pace of Bay cleanup. Provide states with timely and useful information for both Phase II and III State Watershed Implementation Plans. Key issue areas will include: strengthening nutrient management tools and programs and improving verification and tracking of on- the- ground management practices. Agriculture, WIP 2012 Chesapeake
Wetlands Watch, Inc. $50,000 Wetlands Watch is dedicated to the protection and conservation of Virginia Advocacy, Land Use 2012 Chesapeake
Valley Conservation Council Inc $20,000 VCC promotes land use that sustains farms, forests, open spaces and cultural heritage of the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia. They will work to achieve results through direct farmer participation in best management practices and community scale progress in improving local government policies and development models. Land Use, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Lancaster Conservancy $25,000 The Conservancy Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
  $75,000 Advocate for local, state and federal governments to adopt, implement, and enforce strong clean air and water protections to benefit the Chesapeake region. Educate and activate the national parks constituency including business and community leaders to make the connections among clean air and water, healthy parks, healthy communities, and a strong local economy. Mobilize these constituencies to engage in policy decisions for cleaner air and water. Pollution 2012 Chesapeake
James River Association $20,000 Work to ensure that adequate water quality funding at the state level is secured to implement the pollution reductions that are called for within Virginia Advocacy, Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Friends of the Rappahannock, Inc. $30,000 Continue to serve as the voice and active force for a healthy and scenic Rappahannock River, specifically working with localities on WIP implementation and on sound land use decisions Agriculture, Baywide 2012 Chesapeake
Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States, Inc. $102,500 Develop and implement a campaign to drive reductions in the land application of manure in the Chesapeake watershed. This is a critical element needed to achieve the new pollution reductions set by the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. Agriculture 2012 Chesapeake
Maroon Consulting, LLC $30,000 Inform the Bay region Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Trout Unlimited $30,000 Ensure conservation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc. $40,000 Educate and inform decision makers on the economic impact of hunting, angling and outdoor recreation and how the adoption of conservation policies can safeguard this economic sector. Strengthen laws, policies and practices affecting fish and wildlife conservation by leading partnerships that influence decision makers. Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Media Services Inc $75,000 General support for in-depth environmental reporting that reaches approximately 5 million people each month through a suite of products and services that includes the Chesapeake Bay Journal, Chesapeake Bay Journeys, Bay Journal News Service, and the Midday on the Bay radio program with WYPR. Baywide, Communications, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
The Hatcher Group, Inc. $20,000 Educate policymakers about the risks and benefits that nutrient trading may offer as a pollution reduction strategy in the Chesapeake Bay. Provide messaging, editorial and communication services to a coalition of advocates and researchers that is focused on identifying the critical issues that should be considered by policymakers as they move to implementing a formalized nutrient trading system. Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Inc $60,000 Increase citizen involvement and raise awareness on land use issues and their impact on local govenrments. ESLC serves Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne Land Use, WIP 2012 Chesapeake
James River Association $60,000 Protect and restore the James River watershed by ensuring that adequate water quality regulations are developed at the state level and incorporated into local development codes. JRA identifies root causes of pollution in the watershed and implements solutions to reduce or eliminate their negative impacts. Advocacy, Nutrients, Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
1000 Friends of Maryland, Inc $40,000 Develop policy solutions and build strong coalitions to advance a suite of proposals for cleaner water and sustainable growth. Lead the Maryland Choose Clean Water Coalition and legislative, regulatory, and local policy work needed to ensure cleaner local waters and a cleaner Chesapeake Bay. Advocacy, Political Will, Water Quality 2012 Chesapeake
Anacostia Watershed Society, Inc $30,000 Work on the successful implementation of new policy measures to reduce stormwater pollution to the Anacostia River. Work with state and county agencies, while continuing to conduct a public campaign to build support for these policies, namely the Prince George's County Healthy Communities Campaign. Advocacy, Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Bay Trust $50,000 The second phase of the Capacity Building Initiative was launched in September 2011. The initiative is now fully engaged in a comprehensive suite of strategies focused on building grassroots capacity and power among watershed groups to implement local WIPs. Advocacy, Capacity, Nutrients, Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy $25,000 The Watershed Stewards Academy mission is to identify, train and support community leaders, called Advocacy, Stormwater 2012 Chesapeake
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay $50,000 Engage Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic congregations and people of faith in Bay advocacy Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
Anacostia Riverkeeper, Inc. $15,000 The Anacostia Riverkeeper uses research, advocacy and enforcement actions to help restore and protect the health of the Anacostia River, its watershed, and its inhabitants. Keepers 2012 Chesapeake
Assateague Coastal Trust Inc $29,000 The Assateague Coastkeeper promotes and encourages the protection of the health, productivity, and sustainability of the coastal bays watershed of Delmarva through advocacy, education and conservation. Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Chester River Association $31,000 The Chester Riverkeeper works with farmers, homewoners, and local governfments to promote and support exemplary stewardship of land and water resources contributing to the health of the Chester River. Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, Inc. $38,000 Using litigation, advocacy, and outreach to community leaders and farmers, serve as the eyes and ears of the Choptank River and its local waterways. Keepers 2012 Chesapeake
Sierra Club Foundation $10,000 Provide an independent evaluation of the Maryland Department of the Environment N/A 2012 Chesapeake
Gunpowder Riverkeeper, Inc. $32,000 Serve as an advocate for the Gunpowder watershed, getting involved in baseline monitoring, environmental outreach and litigation, (when necessary) to abate pollution and champion regulatory reform within the Gunpowder Watershed. Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association $50,000 Serve as the advocacy voice for the Lower Susquehanna River watershed, specifically focusing on dam sediment, Marcellus Shale drilling, nutrient trading and 303d listings. Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, Inc. $35,000 Using litigation, advocacy, and outreach to community leaders and farmers, serve as the eyes and ears of the Miles and Wye Rivers and their local waterways. Fisheries, Land Use 2012 Chesapeake
EarthReports, Inc. $33,000 The Patuxent Riverkeeper uses strategic advocacy, restoration and education to conserve, protect and replenish Maryland Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Inc. $50,000 As part of a team working under a 3-year USDA Conservation Innovation Grant, demonstrate innovative technologies that convert excess animal manure into a usable form of energy (heat, electricity) on farms in nutrient hot spots of the Chesapeake Bay watershed in four states. Agriculture, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $40,000 Stop pollution and restore clean water in the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers and their tributaries through enforcement and community engagement. Increase public awareness, promote community action, and enforce the law to achieve healthy rivers. Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Climate Action Network $12,500 Research and promote the best information and science available concerning the connection between poultry farming and climate change in Maryland, as well as promote potential "best practices" for converting poultry litter into energy. Provide fact sheets, web pages, and other information as needed by the broad coalition of groups seeking to address solutions to the excessive buildup of poultry waste in the Chesapeake Bay watershed without generating any net increase in greenhouse gases. Agriculture 2012 Chesapeake
Sassafras River Association $29,000 Serve as the eyes and ears of the Sassafras River. Engage local residents as the public face of the Sassafras River Association. Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Rivers Association, Chester River Association $20,000 The Chesapeake Rivers Association sponsors the Severn Riverkeeper Program whose mission is to protect and restore the Severn River. Keepers 2012 Chesapeake
Potomac Riverkeeper Incorporated $30,000 The Shenandoah Riverkeeper works to stop pollution and restore clean water in the Shenandoah River and its tributaries through enforcement and community engagement. This is done by increasing public awareness, promoting community action, and enforcing the law. Land Use, Political Will 2012 Chesapeake
South River Federation Inc $44,000 Continue to collect high quality monitoring data and use a variety of media to highlight the health of the South River and make that information accessible to the public. Collaborate with partners and decision makers on meeting pollution limit obligations. Keepers, Nutrients 2012 Chesapeake