It’s 2017, and we are putting into practice an approach that has been on my mind for some time.

The Foundation is evolving in our understanding of what we, in philanthropy, can add to the efforts and events that take place where we work. For me, it is all about building new, unconventional relationships with those who are unfamiliar to us, or who have previously been thought to be at odds with the Campbell Foundation goals. It’s about constructing a vision together when we can, the size of which matters little to me right now. Our experience in working together is what we concentrate on; what we construct together, what generates the goodwill that leads us to the next project together. The points at which we learn, when we take great leaps in our understanding of how we can best participate in improving the world around us in partnership; these are the milestones that are on my mind. Continual learning, shaping, doing and redoing.

I want to convey my optimism in our new approach. It’s hard to partner and to be around people who are different than you. My view is that is we start now, we concentrate on a long time horizon, and we place a premium on incremental progress we all are making in extending ourselves, and opening our minds to each other.

With Gratitude,

Samantha Campbell



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