Portal FAQ

Having trouble logging in?

Verify you’re entering the correct username. Your username is listed in the invitation or registration confirmation email you received. The username cannot be an email address and defaults to firstnamelastname, all lower case. Don’t know your username? Contact Tech Support.

Passwords and Security
Passwords are case-sensitive, and we strongly encourage you to use a password manager such as Last Pass to securely store such information. Do not share your user name or password with anyone, even within your organization. Trying to use someone else’s login? Reach out Tech Support to have one created just for you.

Reset your Password
If you can’t remember your password, please enter your username on the previous page. An e-mail with a link to reset your password will be sent to the e-mail address on file. Please note that the link will expire in 24 hours. If you don’t receive an e-mail, please contact Tech Support.

Your New Grantee Password email link doesn’t work
Verify if your email provider account (usually Microsoft Office365) is using a service that is rewriting the link. View an example here. This is a Salesforce Known issue. To resolve this issue, have your Office365 admin add https://campbell.my.site.com/ to “Do not rewrite the following URLs” by doing the following:

  • Office365 admin launch https://protection.office.com/safelinksconverged
  • Edit appropriate Safe links policy defined under “Policies that apply to specific recipients” section
  • Click on ‘settings’ and add https://campbell.my.site.com/ under ‘Do not rewrite the following URLs’ section
  • Save changes

Now try resetting your password again in our system. If successful, the reset link will start with https://campbell.my.site.com/