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Name of Organization Amount Description Keywords Year Office
Environmental Integrity Project $115,000 Ensure compliance with existing environmental laws, regulations and permits by increasing access to data and reporting on implementation progress, Accountability, Advocacy, Baywide, Political Will 2017 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $110,000 Address continued delays and violations at large wastewater treatment plans and sewer systems in aging municipalities. Advocacy, Nutrients, Pollution, Water Quality 2018 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $110,000 Focus on 'point source' accountability, particularly the need to update sewer systems in the Pennsylvania portion of the Chesapeake. Accountability, Advocacy, Pollution, Water Quality 2019 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $110,000 Increase accountability from point sources, mainly urban and industrial sources in Pennsylvania. In particular, monitor the work of Harrisburg in reducing its sewage/ stormwater overflows. Accountability, Advocacy, Political Will, Pollution, Water Quality, WIP 2020 Chesapeake
Environmental Integrity Project $75,000 Use existing laws and permits to address water pollution from municipalities and wastewater treatment plants. Accountability, Advocacy, Nutrients, Political Will, Pollution, Stormwater, Water Quality, WIP 2021 Chesapeake